Exhibition Game: Photo Gallery

Phil Coke / Photo by Mike Ashmore

Phil Coke

Phil Coke / Photo by Mike Ashmore

Phil Coke, angle 2

Reegie Corona / Photo by Mike Ashmore

Reegie Corona

Eric Duncan and Jason Brown / Photo by Mike Ashmore

Eric Duncan and Jason Brown

Tony Franklin and Brad Taylor / Photo by Mike Ashmore

Tony Franklin and Thunder GM Brad Taylor

(Brad looks like a natural with the mic. Hey, if he wants to trade jobs for a day…)

Brett Gardner / Photo by Mike Ashmore

Brett Gardner

Zack Kroenke / Photo by Mike Ashmore

Zach Kroenke

Scott Patterson / Photo by Mike Ashmore

Scott Patterson

P.J. Pilittere / Photo by Mike Ashmore

P.J. Pilittere

Edwar Ramirez / Photo by Mike Ashmore

Edwar Ramirez

Jose Veras / Photo by Mike Ashmore

Jose Veras

(No, I do not know why he has a bat in his hands.  No, I do not know why that’s Shelley Duncan’s bat.  No, I do not know why he decided to pose when I was taking a picture of him.  Yes, he did like the picture when I showed it to him.)

Boomer with Eastern League championship trophy / Photo by Mike Ashmore

Boomer with the EL trophy

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com

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