Sunday Notes

Just wanted to remind everyone to keep sending in their questions for a potential Q&A with Tony Franklin to be held at some point this week.  I’ve received a few via e-mail and a few via the comments, so keep those coming.

The 13th best moment of 2007 is set to be unveiled shortly, as is my look at Baseball America’s Top 30 Yankees Prospects from 2006.

In moves that wont be relevant to what’s going on in Trenton for years, the Yankees have signed two 16-year-old prospects from Australia.  Check out the local articles here and here about that.

Also, Pending Pinstripes has been added to the blogroll, so make sure you keep checking back over there.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

2 Responses to “Sunday Notes”

  1. JP Says:

    Hi Mike, I think the Q&A is a great idea. From a far, Tony seems like he would be one of the best personalities in baseball. Couple questions I would love to hear him answer…

    It’s a pleasure to watch you coach and to see someone with your love for the game. Have you always had such a fun loving attitude and do you ever find it difficult to keep things in perspective, with all the money that’s involved in today’s game?

    What was it like to coach Bo Jackson when he was coming back from that terrible hip injury? Was there ever any doubt that he would make it back to the big leagues?

  2. thunderbaseball Says:

    Tony is an absolute pleasure to cover. He’s always been very giving of his time and always gives well thought out answers. I’ll do my best to pass this along…

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