Pending Pinstripes: Minor League Roundtable

Make sure you check out Pending Pinstripes today, where you can see the results of a Q&A that E.J. did with a few people who have minor league Yankees blogs, yours truly included.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


4 Responses to “Pending Pinstripes: Minor League Roundtable”

  1. EJ Says:

    Mike, thank you very much for participating. Your insight is unique and very thoughtful. Hopefully, this will become a regular thing.

  2. thunderbaseball Says:

    No problem, glad you enjoyed it. I’d be happy to participate in similar events throughout the season.

  3. dan Says:

    I agree with you about Marquez having too-high expectations, but I don’t believe people expect a superstar out of Gardner. He’ll naturally be overrated because he’s the exciting speed guy that people love to see, but I see him becoming what most milb-followers expect.

    Last thing: Matt Carson?!? Where did that come from? He struggled as a 25/26 year old in AA. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the extent to which you think he will break out?

  4. thunderbaseball Says:

    My definition of a breakout player is probably a lot different than everyone else’s. Everyone already holds guys like Dellin Betances and Zach McAlllister and George Kontos in high regard, so if they put together an outstanding season, it was almost expected of them.

    Nobody really expects anything out of Matt Carson, and that was my line of thinking there. I absolutely agree with you that it’s a little out there, but having decent power can get someone very far — perhaps further than they deserve to go — and as I said, if Carson can get his batting average up, he could be that guy.

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