Sanchez Back In Pittsburgh (Updated)

If the Thunder have plans to hold another week of Freddy Sanchez themed giveaways, it looks like you might see the Pirates logo attached to some of those items.

From the “things Yankee fans won’t care about department,” Sanchez has agreed to a two year, $11 million deal with the Pirates, re-signing with the club he’s played for since 2004.  He’s made the National League All-Star team the past two seasons, and was the 2006 batting champion with a .344 average.

Back when Trenton was a Red Sox affiliate, Sanchez played the second half of the 2001 season and the first half of 2002 in a Thunder uniform, hitting .326 and .328, respectively.

UPDATE: The AP first reported this was a two year deal, but ESPN reports it’s a three year deal…

UPDATED AGAIN…NO, SERIOUSLY: lists Sanchez as having inked a two year deal.  Either way, the guy’s going to be playing in Pittsburgh next year.  Got it?  Good.

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