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Thunder All 15 Year Team Voting

February 6, 2008

The Thunder have started the process of fan voting for their All 15 Year Team.  Click here to cast your ballot for who you think are the best players from the past 14 seasons of Thunder baseball.

The team will consist of the regular nine players, five starting pitchers, five relief pitchers and a manager.  I’d assume that players with high vote totals who don’t “make the team” could be put on the “bench.”

Of course, I’ll have a breakdown of the nominees by position in the coming days, and will reveal my ballot for the team.

For the Yankees fans out there…of the 60 players on the ballot, 20 of them played for the team while they were a Yankees affiliate.

No word on when the voting process ends or when the results will be announced, but with the first part of the All 15 Year Team card set to be given away a few days into the season, I’d assume it would be sometime in March so that the team has time to get the cards printed and so on.  I’ll try to get some details on this.

I’m also not certain if the only vote being considered here is the one made by the fans.  I don’t think the media or front office has a vote, but I’m not certain about that either.  If there is a concern with the fans solely handling the voting, it’s that with the team gaining so many fans from their affiliation with the Yankees, the votes might be skewed towards those players who have played for the team since 2003.

With that said, Ramiro Pena has about as good of a chance of beating out Nomar Garciaparra as the Phoenix Suns idea of trading Shawn Marion to the Miami Heat for Shaq has of being a good one.  Both are still more likely to occur than me getting a date with Jenna Fischer, but anyway…

In any event, if you do vote for the team, please feel free to post your ballot in the comments…

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