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All Snub Squad?

February 10, 2008

So my article this week in the paper will be about the All 15 Year Team.  It’s basically everything you’ve already seen here, listing the nominees and letting people know when to get the portions of the card set and so on.

But one thing I’d be curious to see is who you felt got snubbed from the list of nominees.  I saw in the comments that Brian Myrow and Aaron Rifkin’s omission struck a nerve with some people.

Rafael Betancourt not being on there was interesting to me, perhaps Trever Miller as well.  I’ve followed the team for a while, but probably not as long as some of you have…anyone else stand out for you guys?

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Sunday Notebook

February 10, 2008

My good friend and colleague Ryan Dunleavy from The Courier News and Home News Tribune had this story in today’s paper about three minor leaguers from Central Jersey; two of which have Eastern League ties.

Bobby Brownlie, who was on the Akron Aeros roster when they faced the Thunder for the Eastern League Championship last year is featured in the story, as well as Kevin Mulvey, who made several starts for the Binghamton Mets in Waterfront Park last season.

It’s very possible you could see Brownlie again, as he would have a good chance of being assigned to Harrisburg if he’s able to earn a spot in the Nationals system.  Not to bring up “my other beat” again, but I covered him very extensively last season in the Atlantic League.  I went to Newark for his first start, which received some significant local media attention, and followed his progress throughout the season, speaking with him numerous times.

As Dunleavy writes, the velocity issues that plagued him in the Cubs organization are still there, but he did tell me that he was able to pick up a few miles per hour by changing his grip and working on his mechanics with the Bears pitching coach, Steve Foucault.  Brownlie has a large local following, and you can expect a large contingent of his followers in the stands if he should ever pitch in Mercer County.

The Top 20 Moments of 2007 countdown will return tomorrow…

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Don’t Believe Everything You Read…

February 10, 2008

Unless I wrote it, of course.

Seriously though, I (finally) got my hands on a copy of the 2008 Baseball America Prospect Handbook, and found a few discrepancies in the Scott Patterson entry.

The write-up lists Patterson as having played for the “homeless” Barnstormers, which isn’t true.  While he did play for the Lancaster Barnstormers, they were never homeless. 

As someone who has covered the Atlantic League for six seasons now, I can tell you that the Road Warriors were the only traveling team in the league.  In fact, Patterson started the inaugural game at Clipper Magazine Stadium on May 11, 2005.

In the Lancaster Barnstormers Inaugural Season DVD, the elaborate and somewhat ridiculous sequence in which a group of kids run from the outfield to deliver the ball to Patterson after an extensive video sequence is shown.

The second issue with the Patterson write-up is that his statistics are incomplete.  He was picked up in June of the 2006 season by the Yankees, and the first half of his season is not mentioned in the write-up or acknowledged in the statistics, although his 2005 numbers are.

For the record, Patterson went 2-0 with an 0.78 ERA and 14 saves in 20 games for the Barnstormers before choosing the Yankees to sign with.  He also had an offer from the Baltimore Orioles, but he told me that he chose the Yankees because Baltimore’s offer was to pitch in Single-A.   

Outside of that, yeah…the book is pretty much a gold mine of goodness.  You can look forward to myself and a “special guest” doing an extensive breakdown of the Top 30 Yankees prospects over the next few weeks.

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