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NY Post: Joba’s a Reliever

February 12, 2008

I have frequently disagreed with how the Yankees have handled Joba Chamberlain.  Regardless of the results, I still think they rushed him to the big leagues.  They took their time with Phil Hughes, and that seemed to work out relatively well for them…

Now, the New York Post is reporting that Chamberlain is set to start the season as a setup man to Mariano Rivera.  But he’s still going to prepare in Spring Training as a starter.  Then, after they eventually find someone to replace Chamberlain as setup man (the article mentions EL Pitcher of the Year and Thunder alum Alan Horne as a candidate), Joba will be sent to the minors to be stretched out and will return as a starter.

Does that not sound ridiculous to anyone else?  I get what they’re doing…they can say it’s to solidify the bullpen all they want, but it’s really to keep him under his innings cap for the year.  If he’s going to be a starter, keep him in the rotation.  If he’s going to be a bullpen guy, keep him there.  How long is it going to be before the “Joba Rules” become a thing of the past?

Not any time soon, apparently…

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Yankees Re-Sign Catcher

February 12, 2008

Ben Blumenthal, who split last season between the Gulf Coast League Yankees and Tampa Yankees, has been re-signed by the club.  He’ll turn 25 a few days after the season starts, and is a career .246 hitter in just 175 at-bats.

He had several good performances in the GCL, but is likely being brought back simply to provide depth at the minor league level…he could be used similarly to how J.T. LaFountain was last season, but probably not at the Double-A level like LaFountain was.

Blumenthal was originally drafted out of college powerhouse Erskine in the 21st round by the Reds.

Additionally, the team has released fellow backstop Freuny Parra, who hit .167 in 18 at-bats with the GCL Yankees last year.

Source: Baseball America

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