Late Mailbag Question…

Somehow, this one got cut off from the last post.

Mike, what happens to the catching situation in Trenton now that Cervelli’s out for a while?

All indications point towards P.J. Pilittere returning for a second season, with Jason Brown possibly backing him up.  The thought originally was that Pilittere would be heading to Scranton for 2008, but Cervelli’s injury seems to have created more of a need for his return to Waterfront Park.

I think the real question is what happens when Cervelli returns.  Do the Yankees get rid of Chad Moeller so that Jason Brown has a spot?  Does Pilittere stay in Trenton?  Does Joe Muich or Ben Blumenthal or any of the other organizational catchers factor into this?

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5 Responses to “Late Mailbag Question…”

  1. nyysince1957 Says:

    always love to see enthusiasm about relatively unknown players (at least to the average yankees fan). speaking of which, is michael gardner back in the organization?

  2. dan12 Says:

    yea, he’s back and going to Trenton.

    Question for you Mike: Do you think Cervelli would be better served beginning his recovery in Tampa? He didn’t exactly tear up the florida state league, he was probably about average, but showed little power. I think a temporary repeat of that level while working back from his wrist injury would serve him well.

  3. thunderbaseball Says:

    That’s actually an interesting scenario, hadn’t thought of that.

    I think that could work on several fronts — one, it would buy the Yankees a little more time in determining what to do with all these guys, and two, Cervelli wouldn’t have far to go if he was going to be rehabbing in extended s.t. anyway.

    Ideally, I don’t think you stick him in Tampa for any more than a week or two, as I’m sure they’re going to have guys they want to get regular at-bats down there as well…but it’s an interesting idea.

  4. Thunderstruck Says:

    Mike, sorry I missed the mailbag but if I can toss you one more question –
    What are the chances of the Thunder hosting the EL All-Star game in the near future? I don’ tthink they have done this since 1996 and was not sure how the process worked or if they were getting any consideration. I know this year it is in NH.

  5. thunderbaseball Says:

    To be honest, you may not see it for a while. When the Thunder originally hosted the All-Star Game in 1996, it was a Double-A All-Star Game and not an Eastern League All-Star Game.

    I believe they switched to the Eastern League All-Star Game format in 2003.

    In 2003, New Britain hosted. In 2004, it was Bowie. Portland had it in 2005, and Altoona got the nod in 2006.

    What may give the Thunder some hope is that Norwich (Connecticut Defenders) got it in 2007, just five years after hosting the last of the Double-A All Star Games in 2002.

    This year, the game will be hosted in New Hampshire.

    It all depends on how EL officials want to handle it. If they only award it to the teams they feel deserve it, then you’d have to think the Thunder would have a good shot sooner rather than later.

    If the game is in a rotation, in which all teams will have a chance to host the game, then it could be a while.

    But considering Norwich got the game two times in six years, I don’t think the Thunder will be penalized for having hosted it in 1996.

    Basically, it’s a long winded way of saying “I don’t know and I don’t think anyone else does just yet” but I wanted to give you a few options for potential answers

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