What does your Thunder roster look like?

Everyone loves to have some sort of projection on what the rosters for each level of the minors will look like.  So, what do you guys think?  What’s your best guess as to who’ll be suiting up for the Thunder once the season kicks off on April 3rd?

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com

4 Responses to “What does your Thunder roster look like?”

  1. Erik Says:

    C-PJ Pilitterre,J Brown

  2. nyysince1957 Says:


    way overloaded, but will sort itself out fairly quickly 🙂

  3. nyyfaninlaaland Says:

    I completely agree with Erik on the position players, except @ C:

    C- Piliterre, Blumenthal (Brown will be AAA/AA roving 3rd C)

    SP – Marquez (too many arms at AAA), McCutcheon, Kontos, Coke, Jones.
    RP’s Wordekemper, Whelan, Schmidt, Valdez, Kroenke, Jackson (again, too much at AAA), Arias. Assuming none on DL, then Quezada, Hall, Aceves in reserve. Not sure whether Brett Smith will be here. Haven’t read your posts lately. I’ll catch up

  4. thejobarules Says:

    Here is the listed pitching staff:

    Chase Wright, Phillip Coke, Dan McCutchen, George Kontos, Jason Jones, Eric Wordekemper, Zach Kroenke, David Robertson, Josh Schmidt, Mike Gardner, Steven Jackson, Bo Hall. Brett Smithis included but onthe DL.

    It appears that Marquez and Horne will be starters in AAA. Jackson was likely odd man out in Scranton.

    McCutchen and Robertson (if he solves some wildness issues) will be first two call ups from this staff – not just to Scranton but to NY, but keep an eye on Wordekemper. He is a strike throwing machine. His future looks bright.

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