No, I Do Actually Cover The Thunder

Been getting a few e-mails wondering when I’ll have some stuff about this year’s version of the Thunder.

The answer?  April 1st.  No joke.  I’ve said it before…but again, I’ll have team info, player and coaching staff quotes, and whatever else you see on the other beat writer blogs.  Had I started this last season — and there was a bare bones version on Blogger last year — you’d have an idea of what to expect.

I work for a pretty small paper.  The publishing company is actually pretty big…but the paper itself isn’t that big, and the budget therefore isn’t big either.  The Thunder and “my other beat” are the only two professional teams the paper covers. 

They instead choose to focus on high school sports, which is fine.

It’s essentially a long winded way of saying that my stuff isn’t priority number one, and they aren’t going to pay for me to go down to Florida.  I’m not paying for me to go down to Florida, either.  Several weeks of hotel rooms, food and other expenses out of my own pocket doesn’t sound like a thrilling idea.

But everything’s even again on April 1st.  And to that end, I’m looking forward to the exhibition game against Scranton…live baseball, getting to know a whole new team, seeing some of the guys I got to know from last year in a different uniform…

The tentative schedule for when I will be at Waterfront Park over the next few weeks is as follows…

April 1: Scranton Yankees @ Trenton Thunder
April 10: Harrisburg Senators @ Trenton Thunder (home opener)
April 11: Harrisburg Senators @ Trenton Thunder
April 12: Harrisburg Senators @ Trenton Thunder
April 13: Harrisburg Senators @ Trenton Thunder
April 15: Altoona Curve @ Trenton Thunder

I have a commitment to the other beat on the 14th, and the game on the 16th is an 11:05 start.  One day, I will go into a Dennis Miller-style rant as to why I hate what are known as camp days oh-so-very much (most writers love them, actually…no worrying about deadlines, etc.) but I’ll save that for another time.  Regardless, while you can get some killer photos on those days, I’ve found that my ability to do actual work tends to be not so good on those days since teams generally report to the ballpark significantly later than they would on a “regular” game.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

3 Responses to “No, I Do Actually Cover The Thunder”

  1. Thunderstruck Says:

    Will you be giving an Eastern League predicted divisional order of finish as well as your playoff predictions before opening day?

  2. thunderbaseball Says:

    It’ll probably be something along the lines of a breakdown of the Opening Day roster by position, brief team capsules of the other teams in the league, predictions of where the teams will finish and why, and playoff predictions and so on.

  3. David Mac Says:

    If you can figure out where Eastern League teams will finish, you’re a better man than I. I have an unblemished record of being wrong every year. I did predict the date when Chase’s puppies were born, though.

    Here’s a prediction: Tony Franklin got thrown out of one game last year. How many this year? I predict just one, again, based on the fact that Eastern League umpires drive every manager crazy at least once.

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