Breaking Down The Thunder Roster

Starting Pitching

Lefties: 2 (Wright, Coke)
Righties: 3 (McCutchen, Jones, Kontos)

Returning: 3 (Wright, McCutchen, Jones)
New: 2 (Coke, Kontos)

Considering the lack of lefties the Yankees have in their system as a whole, the Thunder’s starting rotation is pretty well-balanced.  If you take Wright out and add Smith, then you’ve got four righties and one lefty…take out Coke and add Marquez (possible when Karstens comes back) then it’s five righties and no southpaws.


Lefties: 1 (Kroenke)
Righties: 6 (Gardner, Hall, Jackson, Robertson, Schmidt, Wordekemper)

Returning: 5 (Kroenke, Gardner, Jackson, Wordekemper, Robertson)
New: 2 (Hall, Schmidt)

I don’t like Kroenke as the only lefty.  His Tampa numbers were great, but his Thunder stats were anything but.  If you need to bring someone in from the pen in a specialized situation, how reliable is he going to be?  Again, there is a serious lack of top-level talent from the left side of the mound in the Yankees organization, and the supposed weak points of both the bullpen and rotation will come from there — Coke and Kroenke.

Projected Starting Lineup

Lefties: 2 (Ehlers, Curtis)
Righties: 4 (Pilittere, Carson, Jackson, Tabata)
Switch: 3 (Corona, Pena, Vechionacci)

Returning: 8 (Ehlers, Curtis, Pilittere, Carson, Jackson, Corona, Pena, Vechionacci)
New: 1 (Tabata)

A lot of versatility here at the plate.  I think Carson and Malec will be pretty interchangable at the DH spot, but he too is a switch hitter.  Tony Franklin should have a lot of options for late-game situations with this lineup.

Projected Bench

Lefties: 0
Righties: 2 (Muich, Russo)
Switch: 2 (Malec, Mendoza)

Returning: 2 (Muich, Mendoza)
New: 2 (Russo, Malec)

Some decent late inning options here, as well as players that Franklin can be comfortable inserting into his lineup if someone gets called up or injured.  Muich probably won’t see a lot of time behind the plate, and he’ll need to do better than he did in his brief call-up last year.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


2 Responses to “Breaking Down The Thunder Roster”

  1. Mike R. Says:

    Hey Mike. Are you going to cover the SWB/Trenton match up tonight? Any predictions you wanna make? I think Trenton has more talent but Scranton will pull out the victory. I’m gonna guess the final score will be 5-3.

  2. thunderbaseball Says:

    I will be there, yes. Should be there around 4-4:30.

    A prediction? Yikes. Hard to say without really knowing how each manager is going to handle their pitching staff…

    I’m going to go with 9-4, Scranton. Coke can’t possibly be locked in yet, and Marquez has more experience at higher levels. I expect SWB to get some runs early.

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