Brett Gardner Q&A

Brett Gardner / Photo by Mike Ashmore

Some leftover goodies from the exhibition game…

Tell me about getting to come back to the place where you really seemed to make a name for yourself…

“It’s good to come back here and try to give back to (the fans).  I wasn’t there when they wrapped it up at the end of the season, and they did it on the road.  It’s good to come back and play in front of everybody that rooted for us all last year.”

Looks like the lip is doing better, that was a pretty gruesome looking injury…

“It’s a lot better than it was five days ago when it happened.  It’s going to take a long time for it to get back to normal, but the main thing is that I’m lucky it wasn’t any worse.”

It looks like you really opened some eyes this spring.  How do you feel like you did?

“I feel like I did well.  I went into spring just hoping to get some opportunities, and get some at-bats to show them what I can do.  I feel good for the way it went, and I’m just excited for the season to start.”

Have the Yankees told you anything in terms of expectations for a call-up?

“They haven’t said anything to me about that.  They just said to go out and work hard, and you never know what might happen.  Just come here every day, and whether it happens at some point this year, or some point next year…who knows if it ever happens.  But I just come out here every day and try to find a way to get better and try to stay healthy.”

You read a lot of scouting reports on you that describe you as a slap hitter, which isn’t always said in the most endearing terms.  Is that something that you’ve tried to overcome, or embrace, or…

“It’s not something I really worry about, but it’s not something that I really embrace.  It’s not something I try to overcome…I just try to work to become a better hitter.  Whether I’m always a slap hitter, or whether I completely get out of that and take a completely different path down the road, I’m not sure.  But I just want to be more consistent, and be a better hitter overall.”

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