Monday Notes

** Chad Jennings has some good stuff over at his blog.  Then again, when doesn’t he?  Jennings writes that Jon Albaladejo expects to be activated tomorrow, and that a roster move will be made then.  He speculates that a veteran pitcher will be the one cut, which would then have no effect on the Thunder roster.

If Chad’s hunch is right, it looks like Scott Strickland didn’t do himself any favors yetserday.

However, I still wonder what will happen to the Thunder rotation due to the doubleheader messing things up.  While they could either send somebody down from Scranton or take Brett Smith off of the DL, my guess is you see a bullpen start.  A far more unlikely scenario is someone getting called up from Tampa, but you can’t totally rule that out. 

Eric Hacker would be a likely candidate if that were the case, either him or Mike Dunn.  Hacker pitched Tampa’s opener on the 3rd, Dunn pitched on the 4th.

Also, check out what Darrell Rasner had to say to Jennings about Jason Brown.

** What’s the over under on games that Chien-Ming Wang wins that have Joba Chamberlain come in after him, and then Mo gets the save?  That’s a pretty filthy trio right there.  Every year, my buddies make fun of me for taking Wang in our fantasy league.  And every year…

** Yes, Devils fans, you finally beat the Rangers yesterday.  But playoff games don’t end in the gimmicky shootout.  Rangers in 6.

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