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Getting To Know: Chase Wright

April 21, 2008

In trying to maintain a balance between providing hard news and getting you as close to the players as I can without actually physically taking you into the clubhouse, I decided to try a new series of “getting to know you” type features with the Thunder roster.

You guys have access to the same stats I do.  You see them make the same pitches and swing the bat just as many times as I can.

But one thing the majority of fans don’t know about is what these guys are like off the field, and that’s truly one of the best parts of my job, is getting to know some of these guys as people and not just athletes.

With that said, I thought one of the best candidates for something like this would be one Sebern Chase Wright.  The soft-spoken Texan is always a friendly face in the clubhouse, and is always willing to give a few minutes of his time to the media, even for a goofy feature like this one.

So, without further ado, here’s the first of hopefully many “Getting To Know” features…

TT: So tell me something about Chase Wright that might surprise some people…

CW: “Ooh, let’s see.  I’m a big sports guy.  I’m an outdoors guy, I like to hunt and golf.  Any sport, I’m down.  I like any sport activity or outdoor activity.”

TT: Chase is actually your middle name.  When did you end up going with that as your first name?

CW: “That’s just what everybody always, always called me even though my first name was Sebern.  Now I think more people call me Sebern here than Chase.”

TT: Just to bust on you a little bit?

CW: “Yeah, a little bit…”

TT: Do you have an iPod?

CW: “Yup.”

TT: So if I’m going through Chase Wright’s iPod, what am I finding?

CW: “We’ve got a little bit of everything.  I’m more of a hip-hop guy than anything.”

TT: Really?  I would have had you pegged as a country guy myself…

CW: “That’s probably second to that, yeah.  But I got a lot more hip-hop than anything on there.”

TT: What are some of your favorite artists on there?

CW: “Gotta go Bone Thugs N Harmony, they’re one of my favorite.  Then, let’s see…what’s some other good ones on there?  We gotta go Danity Kane.”

TT: All right, all right.  That works for me.  Did you like the new album?

CW: “Yeah, I liked it.  That’s definitely my top two, right there.”

TT: No love for the other group from Making the Band 4, Day 26?

CW: “Nah, they’re not me.  I’m more into girls (laughs).”

TT: Are you into video games at all?

CW: “Oh yeah.  I got an XBOX 360, and I’m a big Madden guy.  That’s my main game.”

TT: Who’s your team?

CW: “Gotta go Cowboys.  Dominate everybody with the Cowboys.”

TT: T.O., Romo.  Yeah, that’ll get the job done.  Are you a Cowboys fan?

CW: “Oh yeah.  Big time.”

TT: Do you get to go to any games during the off-season?

CW: “Yeah, I’ve been to a few.  But it’s kind of hard to get to.  I’m waiting for the new stadium to open and try to get some tickets there.”

TT: What do you think about the new stadium?  I heard the old one was kind of crappy…

CW: “Yeah, the stadium they’re in now, it’s old.  It’s in bad shape, everything’s all packed in together.  But the new stadium, I heard it’s supposed to be really nice, so I’m looking forward to catching some games there.”

TT: During the off-season, what’s a typical day like for you?

CW: “Let’s see.  Golf.  I usually get up and get a workout in, but golf’s definitely the main thing.  A little hunting, depending on what season it is.  And then some fishing.”

TT: Do you hunt deer, or…

CW: I’m more of a bird hunter than deer.  But I did go for the first time this off-season, deer hunting.  Got my first deer.”

TT: Do you fish around here at all?  I saw Cutch walking out of the park after one of the day games with a fishing rod in his hands the other day…

CW: “I haven’t, but I might.  I need to.  But I don’t think they got a bite or anything, so I’m going to wait until they start getting bites because I’m pretty impatient out there in the water.”

TT: Percentage of interviews you do where the Fenway Park “incident” from last year doesn’t come up…

CW: “(Laughs) Oh man.  Zero.”

(Trust me, I pointed out that number includes this interview as well, since I had to be a jackass and bring it up too…)

TT: You talk about it all the time with whoever asks, and you’re always good about it, but aren’t you just kind of like enough already?

CW: “Nah, not at all.  I feel like I was very fortunate to be put in that situation.  That’s something that happened.  But that’s not a negative thing.  I’m not going to be down or be frustrated about it.  It doesn’t bother me at all.”

TT: Before a start, what do you do to get pumped up?

CW: “Yeah, I’ve definitely got the hip-hop going on the iPod, trying to get going.  But I try to keep it on an even keel.  I don’t try to get too high or too low, just sort of keep it even.  But about an hour before, I’m trying to get a little pumped up in there.”

TT: Who do you room with on the road?

CW: “Steven Jackson.” 

TT: Anything you can tell me about him that he’d hate you for telling me?

CW: “I don’t know!  Jack’s a pretty straight guy, I haven’t got much dirt on him.”

(At this point, Eric Wordekemper walks by…)

“If you ask me about Wordy or somebody, I can give you some dirt.”

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Game 19: Trenton @ Binghamton

April 21, 2008

Game 19 – Trenton Thunder @ Binghamton Mets
April 21, 2008
NYSEG Stadium – Binghamton, NY

Pitching Matchup: TRE Phil Coke (0-1, 7.07) vs. BNG Bobby Parnell (0-1, 5.40)

Starting Lineups:


1 – Ramiro Pena, SS
2 – Austin Jackson, CF
3 – Jose Tabata, RF
4 – Colin Curtis, DH
5 – Matt Carson, LF
6 – Cody Ehlers, 1B
7 – P.J. Pilittere, C
8 – Chris Malec, 3B
9 – Reegie Corona, 2B


1 – Martinez
2 – Coronado
3 – Murphy
4 – Evans
5 – Carp
6 – Manriquez
7 – Garcia
8 – Concepcion
9 – Paniagua

Pre-Game Notes: The pitching matchups for the rest of the series are…

4/22: TRE Jason Jones (3-0, 1.50) vs. BNG Eric Brown (0-1, 8.10)
4/23: TRE Chase Wright (3-1, 2.92) vs. BNG Jake Ruckle (1-1, 4.60)

The Thunder split their season opening series in Binghamton earlier this month, with each team getting shut out once.

As of this afternoon, Marcos Vechionacci had not been placed on the DL.  Have heard it is just a slight “tweak” in his groin, but that’s all the info I’ve got…

Radio Links: Click here for the links to each team’s broadcast.

Live Box Score: The direct link is here.

Around the Eastern League: For scores from around the EL, go here.

Final Score: 5-4, Mets.

Post-Game Notes: So-so start out of Coke, but he did strike out seven in six innings.  What’s gotten into P.J. Pilittere?   A home run, and his average is over .300.

Thunder Thoughts: The guys over at Respect Jeter’s Gangster are doing some good work for charity, lining up with Johnny Damon.  Check that out.  They’ve also got an author interview up, and I may be doing something similar with them in the future, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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Vechionacci Injures Groin

April 21, 2008

Spoke to a source late last night, and he confirmed that Trenton third baseman Marcos Vechionacci injured his groin during yesterday’s game against the Rock Cats.

Not sure if there’s going to be an MRI needed or anything like that, but I was told it didn’t seem too serious.

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