Scott Aldred On: George Kontos

This is the last of five posts where Trenton Thunder pitching coach Scott Aldred breaks down the starting rotation, pitcher-by-pitcher. 

Scott isn’t the easiest guy to track down, but he took a break from looking at video of his pitchers just to give me a few minutes.  So this won’t be as in-depth as I think some of you might want, but hopefully this provides some answers to any specific questions you may have.

George Kontos is last on the list…

TT: Last, but not least, is George Kontos.  I haven’t been lucky enough to see him in person yet, so I’d be very curious to hear your assessment of him so far…

SA: “George has some delivery issues that we’re trying to work on so he can be consistent with all three of his pitches.  Four, actually.  He throws curveball, though you don’t hardly see it in games.  Once that’s resolved, you’re going to see a different George Kontos.  He’s got a plus slider, the changeup’s coming, both fastballs.  He’s got a real nice arm and a bright future.  We just have to make sure we’re hammering this delivery issue right now.  Get it resolved and then move on.”

TT: How long does it take for someone to make the adjustment from High-A to Double-A like Kontos has had to do?  Is there an adjustment at all?

SA: “There’s some adjustment, yeah.  Breaking balls get hit a little more.  Everything gets hit just a little bit more.  It’s like that everywhere, when you move up things just get hit a little more.  Here, certain pitches you throw and you’re accustomed to striking guys out, or you’re accustomed to them swinging at it, it doesn’t happen all the time.  It’ll still happen, you’ve just got to approach it a little differently.”

TT: Were there any effects with George from going on three days rest?

SA: “Nope.  He handled it just fine.”

TT: Are there generally any effects on your arm from doing something like that, either immediate or long-term in regards to stamina or discomfort?

SA: “Not long-term, no.  We monitor pitch loads.  He threw 75 one day and then 80 the next, and it was minimal.  It would be one thing if he threw three starts in a row with 120 pitches and we asked him to come back on short day’s rest and throw 100 pitches.  That would probably be different.  But they’re barely breaking a sweat right now.”


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