Tabata WAS Suspended One Game

Have been able to confirm that Jose Tabata was suspended for this afternoon’s game. He is still with the team. It would hardly be surprising — considering the incident, his inability to hit consistently, and his admission that his hand still bothers him — for him to be sent down at some point.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


10 Responses to “Tabata WAS Suspended One Game”

  1. dan Says:

    I’ve been away for a little while…. what’s with the change in the header to the pediatrician’s office look?

  2. Brandon Says:

    jesus Jose just not smart, your 19 yrs. old and already getting a bad label by ESPN if or when you make it.

  3. SP Says:

    I think the header was in honor of Autism Awareness Day at the stadium, which was yesterday (sun). The puzzle-piece design is often used to represent Autism.

    Do we know exactly what happened in this “incident” with Tabata the other day? Was he ejected, removed by Franklin, or did he simply storm off? The local media is being kind of evasive about the whole thing (either that, or they don’t know what happened). In today’s Trenton Times, it simply says, Tabata was “getting the day off.”

  4. greg8370 Says:


    Did the players wear a special uniform for autism awareness that were then auctioned off and if so does anyone have a picture of the uniform?


  5. jason Says:

    Two days off one way or another is probably a good thing for him right now.
    Mike – Has he shown flashes, or been downright bad so far?
    What are your impressions of Jackson and Tabata so far. Do they have the goods to play in the bigs?

  6. Gabe Says:

    I’m just going to jump in and say that they did not have special uniforms yesterday. Regular home white sleeveless pinstripes. It would have been neat since they have done camo and 4th of July before.

    My opinion on Tabata – not cool. I see him come out of the clubhouse after the games (at home) and just totally snub anyone looking for an autograph. He ignores adults and children alike. Very rude and at 19, there shouldn’t be such a cocky attitude towards fans. He will occasionally sign after pre-game warm ups, but it’s hit-or-miss. But outside, he has someone bring his car up and he just goes away. I could maybe see not signing 10 cards per person every night, but a 12 yr old looking to get his yearbook signed doesn’t deserve that level of ignorance.

  7. Gabe Says:

    Oh and something I wanted to add about his playing…yesterday, I watched Matt Carson slam into the right field metal scoreboard at almost full speed just to make the catch. Don’t know if JT would have put forth that same effort. Seems to get lazy sometimes on certain plays and doesn’t quite hustle. That kind of thing will not go over will with Yankees fans if he gets up there.

  8. John Says:

    My opinion is that people need to cut JT some slack. He is only 19 with a lot of pressure of living up to the high expectations placed on him. Lets not forget he is from another country and trying to get used to living in the area. And he does not seem to know that much English yet. Not to mention he is still trying to get on track after moving up from Tampa Advanced-A ball last year.

    I get the feeling he is more comfortable inside where he can control the signing instead of being hounded by a lot of people outside. From what I have seen he signs quite a bit inside, especially for the kids. I don’t think it would be that fun to be in his shoes. The other day I witnessed someone (an adult not a kid) follow him to his car and basically try to prevent him from getting in it until he signed a ball. How would you feel if it were you at 19? Lets not forget that everyone goes through growing pains and this seems to be his time.

  9. Mike Ashmore Says:

    Austin Jackson is more ready for the big leagues than Tabata is, but neither player is ready at this point.

    Tabata has shown me flashes, but they’re very few and far between. I don’t think he’s been outright bad, and maybe there was something to the pressure that would come with him hitting in the 3 slot.

    Tony Franklin recently told me he thinks Tabata will be a 3 hitter in the big leagues, and I just don’t see that at all. I’d envision him in the 2 slot, or maybe 6-7. Me personally, I like some power in the 3 spot, and I haven’t seen any flashes of pop in his bat this season.

    The off the field stuff? I’m frequently on the field when these guys are signing because I have to do photos, too. Well, I don’t have to…

    The point is, is I have seen Tabata sign frequently inside the ballpark. In fact, at the most recent game, a kid was saying “excuse me” to him about 8 or 10 times, not knowing that Tabata probably doesn’t understand what he’s saying. When the kid called out “number 57,” Tabata turned around to acknowledge him, and signed the kid’s hat.

    It is impossibly hard for me to get an idea of what this guy’s personality is like because of the language barrier thing. And I feel like a jerk asking Carlos Mendoza to translate for me, because he’s a baseball player, not a translator.

  10. Old Ranger Says:

    At one time JT was graded better than AJ but now….?!? JT says his hand still bothers him somewhat, maybe that and pressure is part of his problem. He is still a kid yet and as John has said, he is from another country and…did I say young, sigh!

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