Thunder Thoughts Tuesday Power Rankings

Week four of the Thunder Thoughts Power Rankings has a familiar name at the top spot, while there are some big movers below…

(Note: The players ranking from the previous week is noted in parenthesis.)

1 – Daniel McCutchen, SP (1)

It seems like the only way he loses this spot is when his inevitable call-up to Triple-A happens.  Seven innings and 12 strikeouts in his last start?  Yeah, that’ll make you number one.

2 – Colin Curtis, OF (7)

Curtis has been one of the more consistent Thunder position players, if not the most consistent.  He has a 12-game hitting streak, and is third on the team in batting average with a .312 mark.

3 – P.J. Pilittere, C (5)

Going into the season, I never thought I’d see P.J. Pilittere’s name this high on this list.  But the fact is, he’s having a great month, and is hitting an outstanding .324

4 – Chase Wright, SP (4)

Far from the most spectacular pitcher in the Yankees system, I’ll take the guy who gives me six or seven solid innings every start and gives my team a chance to win any day.

5 – Jason Jones, SP (3)

See above.

6 – David Robertson, RP (6)

Lots and lots of hype around one David Robertson this season.  You saw the curveball video, right?  So you understand why…

7 – Austin Jackson, OF *8*

Seems to be improving a little bit every time I see him.  Has had some real good at-bats, and is looking like a baseball player instead of an athlete trying to learn one sport.

8 – Matt Carson, OF (12)

He got off to a hot start, then went into a big slump.  Now he’s hot again.  This could be a roller coaster season for Matt Carson, and it looks like this is one of the peaks…

9 – Kevin Russo, INF (11)

Although he only has 41 at-bats, Russo leads the Thunder with a .341 batting average.  His .974 OPS is also a team best.

10 – Zach Kroenke, RP (15)

Has put together a string of really nice outings after a few bad ones to start the year.

11 – Cody Ehlers, 1B (16)

Has been swinging the bat really well lately.

12 – Josh Schmidt, RP (9)

I don’t understand why Schmidt hasn’t been used a little more.  He’s pitched well, but has only appeared in six of the team’s 26 games, making him the most infrequently used of the bunch.

13 – Eric Wordekemper, RP *18*

Wordy is starting to show that he, in fact, the same guy who showed up late last season and was simply dazzling.

14 – J.B. Cox, RP (NR)

Rated more on reputation than the one good outing he had, Cox is likely to stay in Trenton for a little while before an inevitable call to Scranton.

15 – Ramiro Pena, SS (2)

The bat has cooled off quite a bit for Pena.

16 – George Kontos, SP (19)

Looks Kontos is really starting to come around, as his ERA is now just a shade over three.

17 – Michael Gardner, RP (10)

The guy is frustrating to watch sometimes.  He seems to always get ahead of hitters, then threaten to walk them. 

18 – Bo Hall, RP (17)

If you guys don’t send me any questions for Bo Hall, I may go the entire season without talking to the guy.  Possibly the most anonymous guy on the team.

19 – Chris Malec, INF (20)

Has been seeing some semi-regular playing time lately.

20 – Carlos Mendoza, INF (24)

Mendoza is respected in the clubhouse, especially after the way he handled being deactivated early in the season.

21 – Phil Coke, SP (23)

Has recently shown flashes of what he can be, but he also got smacked around in his last home start and was lucky to get out of there with a no decision.

22 – Reegie Corona, 2B (22)

Corona’s bat needs to come around, but he is tied for the team lead in stolen bases, and does draw a decent amount of walks.

23 – Joe Muich, C (21)

Just isn’t hitting right now.  Simple as that.

24 – Jose Tabata, OF (14)

That’s right, dead last.  I’m sure there are people more deserving of the spot if I was basing this solely on baseball, but earning a suspension combined with a poor start gets him the dreaded #24 spot.

OFF THE BOARD: Steven Jackson, RP.  Jackson was promoted to Triple-A Scranton.

NEW ON THE BOARD: J.B. Cox, RP.  Cox, who last pitched in Trenton in 2006, returns after missing the 2007 season with Tommy John surgery.

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3 Responses to “Thunder Thoughts Tuesday Power Rankings”

  1. jcarr Says:

    When do you see Dan McCutchen getting moved up and who do you see being moved down in his place? Same for J.B. Cox though I suppose it will take him a little while to get going again.
    Also, do you see Chuck Wright as being more of a solid AAA player or do you think he’ll get another shot at the Majors with the Yankees?

  2. thunderbaseball Says:

    If McCutchen is still here by the All-Star break, I’d be surprised. But answering the second part of that question is tough…because do they call him up as a starter, or do they try to convert him to a pen guy?

    There’s no reason to rush Coxie. Let him get his innings in, then see what he can do at Scranton if there’s a need.

    It’s hard to envision a scenario in which Chase Wright gets a shot in the big leagues before September. That isn’t to say he doesn’t deserve it, because I think he could be a good 4th or 5th starter at the highest level, but in this particular organization, there isn’t a lot of room.

  3. mbn Says:

    Cox should move up, but not to soon. He does need to get his innings in, as he has missed a lot of time.

    Pilittere is having a real surprising season. How is his throwing? That seemed to be his weakest part of his game from when i saw him over the years, starting in Staten Island. He is not a power hitter, but puts the bat on the ball. Good defensive catcher, from a “game calling” sense.

    I bet Chase Wright gets another shot in the Bronx this season. He is durable, and having a fine season again. Plus, he already experienced the big leagues, which may get him a spot start down the line, if one is needed.

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