Thunder Thoughts Tuesday Power Rankings

Is there a new number one in the power rankings?  And where does newly added Mark Melancon fall on the list?

Of course, feel free to discuss these rankings in the comments…considering, you know…they have no actual significance and are pretty much for the sole purpose of discussion.

1 – Chase Wright, SP (4)

Consistency gets Wright the #1 spot this week.  He’s won his last five decisions, and hasn’t allowed more than nine baserunners in a single start.  He isn’t the guy who’s going to blow you away with his numbers, but you know exactly what you’re getting every time he starts.

2 – Dan McCutchen, SP (1)

Cutch falls a spot after a rough start tonight.  He still has the best WHIP (1.06) and strikeout total (46) of any Thunder starter, and will likely rebound with a strong showing on Sunday afternoon now that he’s back to going on a regular amount of rest.

3 – P.J. Pilittere, C (2)

Pilittere is hitting a solid .311, and is making an impact at exactly the right time, considering the backlog of catching the Yankees organization now seems to have.

4 – Jason Jones, SP (5)

It’s like you could write the exact same thing about Jason Jones that you do about Chase Wright, except Jones does it with slightly less fanfare.  His 2.36 ERA is the best of the Trenton starters, but his lack of strikeouts and somewhat high K/BB ratio as a result prevents him from being any higher.

5 – Colin Curtis, OF (3)

Of the “Outfield of Dreams” trio, it was Curtis who came in with the least amount of fanfare.  But he’s had the best production, hitting .307 and driving in 20 runs.

6 – Austin Jackson, OF (6)

The top 5 were pretty easy, but this was where it started to get difficult.  A-Jack comes in sixth for the second consecutive week, but the same things that I wrote last week apply this week as well…he’s now gone 143 at-bats without a home run, and only has six RBI on the season.

7 – George Kontos, SP (9)

Oddly, despite not having allowed more than three earned runs in any start, Kontos is 1-4 so far this year.  It seems like he’s really starting to come around, walking only two and striking out 19 in his last two starts, despite going a combined 12 innings over the two outings.

8 – Anthony Claggett, RP (16)

Has only made three appearances so far since his call-up, but he’s been solid so far.  He’ll need to be, considering the Scranton Yankees have now plucked four relievers out of the Thunder bullpen (Hall, Jackson, Robertson, Cox).

9 – Kevin Russo, INF (15)

Has half as many at-bats as the everyday guys do, but it’s hard to argue with an .824 OPS.

10 – Ramiro Pena, INF (10)

While he’s cooled off from his relatively hot start offensively, Pena has still been able to hit consistently throughout the season.

11 – Cody Ehlers, 1B (7)

Ehlers leads the team with six home runs and may be the only legitimate power threat they have in the lineup.  His average sits at .234 however, and it’s hovered around there for the past two or three weeks now.

12 – Carlos Mendoza, INF (23)

Mendoza has only been able to get into ten games this season, but he’s made the most of his time, hitting .333 and posting an OPS of nearly .900

13 – Phil Coke, SP (12)

Coke has walked just one batter and struck out 18 in his last two starts, including a rain-shortened complete game win in Erie.

14 – Mark Melancon, RP (NR)

Literally hasn’t done anything in a Thunder uniform…yet.  Everything you read on the guy screams “see him while you can,” but nobody’s seen him do anything up here just yet.

15 – Edwar Gonzalez, OF (24)

I’m a little surprised at the amount of playing time he’s managed to receive during his short stint with the Thunder.  More or less, he’s done pretty well…but when/if Matt Carson is eventually sent back down, he’s bound to be the odd man out.

16 – Chris Malec, INF (18 )

In 100 at-bats, Malec has 25 hits.  You know what that makes his average, right?  If he hits .250 for the season, I’ll take it… 

17 – Zach Kroenke, RP (8 )

The resident bullpen lefty is 2-0 with a 3.38 ERA in 13 appearances this year.

18 – Jose Tabata, OF (13)

There would appear to be a fire lit under the rear of one Jose Tabata after his little incident.  His been one of the best players on the field ever since his involuntary vacation.

19 – Michael Gardner, RP (21)

Second on the team in walks with 16.  Were this not the case, he clearly has the stuff to be a candidate to become the fifth reliever headed to Scranton.

20 – Eric Wordekemper, RP (14)

Wordy hasn’t pitched in a while — not since May 5th, actually.  His stats remain the same since the last time I broke out the power rankings, and that’s not a good thing…

21 – Josh Schmidt, RP (19)

After being packed away in moth balls for a week or so, Schmidt returned to action and has struggled a little bit.

22 – Reegie Corona, INF (22)

Dear Thunder promotions department: Please have a giveaway of “Reegie Bars” sometime in the near future.  Thanks.

23 – Joe Muich, C (20)

I never know what to write about this guy.  I hide it well, though…

24 – Eladio Rodriguez, C (NR)

A catcher who converted to pitcher, then back to catcher for last year’s Israel Baseball League season.  Currently serving as the team’s third catcher…highly unlikely to see anything resembling significant playing time.

NEW ON THE BOARD: Mark Melancon, who has yet to throw a pitch in a Thunder uniform after being promoted from Single-A Tampa before Tuesday’s game.

Eladio Rodriguez, who will probably collect some dust as the team’s third catcher….

OFF THE BOARD: J.B. Cox, who was promoted to Triple-A Scranton

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5 Responses to “Thunder Thoughts Tuesday Power Rankings”

  1. mbn Says:

    I wonder if Carson gets sent down to AA again, or if the Yankees cut bait in AAA with either Lane or Porter. There seems to be no room for everyone, and it’s tough to demote Carson based on his AAA performance so far.

    Also, I think Melancon is a “must-see” for whomever can make it. Caught a bit of him in Tampa earlier this season. He can thrown!! He, Cox (just sent up) and Whelan will all figure in the mix when (not if) Joba moves to the rotation.

  2. boreifs Says:

    I’m guessing that as soon as either Hovis or Sanchez is ready to pitch, Kevin Whelan will be heading to Trenton. If Melancon pitches well, it will be to replace him. This is a very exciting time for observing Yankee bullpen prospects.

  3. YanksFan Says:

    At least you are getting to see a lot of prospects with the musical chairs bullpen going on. Speaks of how well the pitching staff is doing when you have 4 starters in the Top 9 and the other guy at 14. Whats up with Wordkumper? You figure with all the call ups and movement he would have thrown more than once in the last couple weeks, is he hurt or just soured on?

  4. thunderbaseball Says:

    Probably the same deal with Wordekemper as there was with Schmidt…he was either trying to work off a minor injury or just fell out of favor a little bit.

    And you’ve seen the results with both guys when they tried to pitch with such a long break…

  5. John Says:

    Don’t forget both Wordy and Schmidt were sick with the flu bug that had gone around the team. That stopped them pitching for a couple of days.

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