Source: Tabata Not Hurt, Removed As Punishment

According to a source, who I greatly appreciate calling me back at this late hour, Jose Tabata was not injured during tonight’s game and was removed for “punishment reasons.”

I don’t know if it was related to a specific play in the game or what, but according to the source, “significant disciplinary actions” may follow.

Am told it is uncertain if he will be traveling with the team for their six-game road trip.

Tabata was already suspended three games by the Yankees for an earlier, apparently similar incident earlier this season.

While he showed somewhat of a spark upon his return, he appeared to fall back into his old ways of late, and recently showed a lack of hustle on several plays during the first three games of the New Hampshire series.

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One Response to “Source: Tabata Not Hurt, Removed As Punishment”

  1. Brandon Says:

    Jesus Christ …… when will this kid grow up and figure he’s 1 level away from the big leagues, I expect him to be demoted to Tampa soon, that’s just my opinion not a fact.

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