Tabata Removed For Defensive Lapse

Have heard from two separate sources now that Jose Tabata’s benching was directly related to a play in which Austin Jackson dove for a fly ball, and Tabata failed to back him up as the ball rolled past Jackson and the runner got all the way to third.

Just reporting stuff as I hear it…again, I wasn’t at tonight’s game.  I believe it’s team policy for the most newsworthy things to happen at games I’m not at.  I’m now batting .500 on being at “Jose Tabata discipline games.”

I know a lot of people who attend the games post here as well…if anyone can describe the play in question, I’d certainly appreciate it.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

5 Responses to “Tabata Removed For Defensive Lapse”

  1. Drew Says:

    I sure hope this kid doesn’t blow what he’s got going for him.

  2. JT Says:

    I think it had to do with a different play but could be wrong. I do know that Tabata did not look happy after the game and he was far from the first one out. Which as many know is out of character because he has been one of the first players to leave after a game for a while now.

  3. ham fighter Says:

    i was at the game. on the dive play, there was a runner at 1st and one out adn they were winning 2-0 kontos was pitching quite well. ajax made a bad decision to dive at a ball in front of him. i wasnt watching tabata obviously but it did seem to take a long time for him to get to the ball, it turned into a triple and the runner on base scored, the only runs kontos gave up.

    i think another play may have been involved too, there was a fly ball deep in the gap that seemed to be closer to rf than center but ajax took the ball even though it seemed like it should have been jose’s.

    i was sitting right behind the scouts and nobody around me in the stands had noticed any play so bad that would cause a player to be pulled, but of course on the dive play, all eyes were on jackson.

  4. Brandon Says:

    JT I read your response if Tony beat his you know what then good for Tony, he setting a standard no BS on the field no matter who it is. Well now it sucks the verdict on Jose won’t be out until tomorrow, should be interesting stuff though.

  5. mbn Says:

    Seems like Tabata may have some issues keeping his head in games when he is out in the OF. For a 19 year old, who received a nice signing bonus a few years ago, this is a shame. I hope this is not a reflection on Jose, and he can get his act together from here on out.

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