Getting To Know: Colin Curtis

You’ve met Chase Wright. About a week ago, you got to meet P.J. Pilittere.

And now, introducing Colin Curtis…

Mike Ashmore: Tell me something about Colin Curtis that’s going to surprise some people…

Colin Curtis: “I’m pretty easy going off the field.  I just like to hang out, have a good time.  I joke around a lot.  I don’t know, that’s a tough question.”

At this point, Curtis asks a few teammates what they think might be some things about him that people would be interested to know.  Naturally, most of it can’t be printed, but Dan McCutchen did recover with this one…

Dan McCutchen: “He’s a career .666 hitter off of me.”

Curtis: “There you go, I’m a .666 career hitter off of Daniel McCutchen.” 

McCutchen: “That, and he’s tone deaf and cannot carry a tune.” 

Curtis: “See, you’re finding out a lot about me.  I’m tone deaf.”

Ashmore: All right then.  I’ll have to take Cutch’s word for that.  So, safe to assume you have an iPod…

Curtis: “Yeah, I do have an iPod.”

Ashmore: So what might I find in there?

Curtis: “On my iPod, I have a lot of old alternative stuff from the 90’s.  Some country.  But mostly like alternative bands.  A lot of like Sublime and stuff like that.”

Ashmore: Do you listen to anything before the game to get you going?

Curtis: “I’m not a real big music before the game guy.  I kind of like to joke around and keep it loose instead of locking in to music.”

Ashmore: So what kind of stuff do you like to do?

Curtis: “In the off-season, I like to go fishing and hunting.  I used to like to snowboard all the time.  I like getting in the water and stuff like that, just hanging out in the outdoors.  During the season, I like video games and TV.  So I go from my off-season outdoors, to during the season, inside.”

Ashmore: What kind of video games are we talking about?

Curtis: “We got some Halo going in spring training.  I’m pretty good, I’m like a 24.  Which isn’t great, but it’s pretty good for me.  But I do play with McCutchen, and we dominate doubles.”

Ashmore: No sports games or anything like that?

Curtis: “Nah.  I play some Guitar Hero, some Call of Duty.  But no sports games.  I play enough sports.”

Ashmore: Did you ever try to play as yourself in one of the baseball games?

Curtis: “I used to.  I had College Baseball from back in the day when I raked.”

Ashmore: Outside of dominating in Halo during spring training, what was your experience like there this year?

Curtis: “It was really good.  It was fun to go out there and play with those guys and kind of see how they go about their business and compare it to what you do and see where you can change or what you have to improve on.  Just seeing how they’ve been consistent in their whole career and what keeps them there.” 

Ashmore: When you first came up here last year, it seems like your bat wasn’t necessarily where you wanted it to be, but things are really starting to come around for you early this season.  How much do you attribute the success this year to finishing out last year up here?

Curtis: “A little bit.  I think that my numbers last year are kind of skewed.  I started out pretty slow, but I felt like I played pretty well on the road.  Last year, I was having some trouble seeing the ball here.  They kind of changed the batters eye, but I’m not saying that was it.  This year, I feel pretty good.  I’m having a little bit of a rough spot right now, but I still feel pretty good and I feel confident about the year.  But I definitely feel like the second time around, you learn a little bit more about yourself.  I viewed last year as a pretty positive year for me, and I learned a lot.”

Ashmore: There was a lot of hype coming into the season around you and the other two outfielders: Austin Jackson and Jose Tabata.  Have you really noticed any of the increased scrutiny around you this year considering you’re a part of that group?

Curtis: “No, I don’t really feel any of that.  They’re kind of on their own deal, it’s different.  They get a lot more attention.  I just kind of do my own thing and nobody really cares about it.  I like that.  But they’re great, they’re young kids, and they’re playing really well.  It’s fun to go out there and play with those guys.  They’re going to be great players.”

Ashmore: Is there a preferred nickname for the three of you?  I’ve been going with “Outfield of Dreams” all season…

Curtis: “I don’t want to steal anything from the Celtics commercial, but there’s a whole lot of combos you could throw out there.”

Ashmore: Well, you can’t go with the Boston Three Party…

Curtis: “No.  But you could go with like…the Trentonian Tres Party.  The Thunder…no, that sucks.  I don’t know man.  I’ll have to come up with something.”

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5 Responses to “Getting To Know: Colin Curtis”

  1. mbn Says:

    He sounds like a swell guy. If he can develop a bit more power, I think he has a bright future somewhere, if not the Yankees.

    How is he defensively? Does he cover a lot of ground, and how strong is his arm?


  2. thunderbaseball Says:

    Colin’s a good guy. I can definitely agree with him in that he likes to joke around and keep things light. It wasn’t that there was a lot of cursing or anything in it…in fact, I don’t think there was any…I just couldn’t print anything inappropriate or anything that should stay in the clubhouse.

    Defensively, I’d say he’s a little above average. He hustles, and makes the occasional spectacular play. His arm…I’d say average, maybe a little above.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Mike Ashmore bobblehead–YES!!

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