Getting To Know: Mark Melancon

There’s no shortage of places you can go to find Mark Melancon’s stats.  If it’s wins, losses and ERA that matter to you, this probably isn’t the feature for you.

Baseball info on Melancon can be found here, here, here, here and here.  So…uhhh, again…not exactly a shortage of on the field info about the guy out there, especially not on this particular blog.

But if it’s off the field info you’re looking for — if you’re really trying to find out more about the player as a person — hopefully this is your fix.

Our popular “Getting To Know” series has featured Chase Wright, P.J. Pilittere and Colin Curtis so far.

But now, it’s time to get to know Mark Melancon…

Mike Ashmore: Tell me something about yourself that might surprise some people…

Mark Melancon: “Surprise some people…well, I like to golf in my spare time.”

Ashmore: You’re a pitcher, that doesn’t surprise anyone.

Melancon: “I know (laughs).  I’m adventurous, I’m not really one to sit around and play video games and so forth.”

Ashmore: You’re just more of an outdoors kind of guy, you’d say?

Melancon: “Yeah, yeah.  Let’s see.  I’ve been skydiving before, bungee jumping, scubadiving.”

Ashmore: Now that’s some stuff that’s going to surprise some people.  Tell me about skydiving, that must have been incredible…

Melancon: “What it’s like…it’s 40 seconds of freefall at 120 miles per hour.  It’s pretty exhilirating.”

Ashmore: Where did you do that?

Melancon: “I did that in Arizona.”

Ashmore: By yourself, or with a bunch of friends…

Melancon: “It was my freshman year of college, and it was three of us that went.  It was a good time.”

Ashmore: I busted your chops on the golf thing a little bit, but talk to me about that a little bit.  How good are you?

Melancon: “Being down in Tampa while I was rehabbing and stuff, I got to play quite a bit.  My swing is getting there, it’s not…I shoot in the low to mid 80’s.”

Ashmore: That’s not bad at all, I can barely break 100.  Do you have a favorite course or anything like that?

Melancon: “Anywhere.  A nice course is always fun to play.  Arizona has some great courses, Florida has some great courses.  Two different types of styles.”

Ashmore: How did you get into golf?

Melancon: “Growing up in Colorado, I didn’t really have the opportunity as much with playing three sports, and the weather’s not good at all times.  So I started playing three or four times a year when I was probably 13.  Then last year, when I was down in Tampa for the full season rehabbing, I got to play quite a bit, like four or five times a week.”

Ashmore: I remember you told me a while back that you grew up following the Rockies.  Did you go to their games a lot when you were younger?

Melancon: “Yeah, as much as I could.  Any time I could get a ticket, or any time we could get down there.”

Ashmore: Do you remember the first big league game you went to?

Melancon: “I don’t know.  I want to say the Royals, but I don’t think that’s right.”

Ashmore: Hmmm…well, if that’s the first one you remember, tell me what you recall from that experience…

Melancon: “In Little League, we got to walk around the warning track.  We were there for the World Series, and you know they have a bunch of teams come out and just walk out on the field.  It’s just one of those things where as a little kid, you dream of playing on a big league field one day.  For it to become a reality, and see what goes on in the clubhouse and so forth, it really makes a dream come true.”

Ashmore: Even back then, you had thoughts of ‘I want to be here one day?’

Melancon: “Oh yeah.  Even now, walking on a nice field, not even necessarily a big field, I’m very appreciative of it.  In Colorado, you don’t have those nice fields.  At The University of Arizona, when I was offered to go there with a scholarship, it was such a privilege to get to do that.  They had such a great facility.  Just that alone was an accomplishment and a privilege.”

Ashmore: How about Yankee Stadium?  Have you been there yet?

Melancon: “Yes, it was right after I signed.  I was up there visiting a friend, and I called the front office.  They did an awesome job of bringing us in and showing us around and giving us a tour.  It was great.”

Ashmore: So how much would it mean to you to get to pitch there before they close it down at the end of the year?

Melancon: “Oh my gosh.  It would be awesome.  Just all that history and the memories that have been made there and the records.  Just to walk out on that field and know that you’re playing for the New York Yankees…even being at the field, it would just be awesome.”

Ashmore: So you’re not a big video games guy.  How about music?

Melancon: “I really enjoy music, but I’m not big into my iPod.  On the bus, I’m usually not listening to the iPod.  But I enjoy country music the most, I would say.”

Ashmore: Any favorite artists or groups?

Melancon: “I’m a big George Strait fan, some Alan Jackson.”

Ashmore: So more old school kind of country?

Melancon: “Half and half.”

Ashmore: Are you the kind of guy who listens to music to get you amped up for a game at all?

Melancon: “No, not really.  I don’t really have a set routine right now or superstitions.”

(Note: I try to treat these more as a casual conversation than an interview.  I’m sure some people might think I interject with some goofy things, or my line of questioning might be a little off…but if I’m trying to approach it as bringing you as close to having an actual conversation with Melancon as possible, I’d like to think I’m doing a decent job.)

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

10 Responses to “Getting To Know: Mark Melancon”

  1. dan Says:

    “I’d like to think I’m doing a decent job”

    You most definitely are

  2. Mike R. Says:

    I agree with dan. I think the style of the interview is perfect. It gives us a sense of these guys as people rather than players.

  3. Piquay Says:

    Great stuff, Mike.

  4. Ed Says:

    Thanks for your efforts. It adds some humanity to the stats.

  5. Matt Says:

    Nice job Ashmore.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    This is a really cool interview!

  7. thunderbaseball Says:

    Glad y’all liked it. I always getting a little nervous waiting for the comments on something like this because I’m not sure how much interest there is in “off the field” stuff like this.

  8. Steve Says:

    Great job Mike. It’s even better than a classic interview, in a way you get to understand the personality of the player a lot more in the informal setting.

  9. Ed Wood Says:

    Momo is the truth! Your next interview with him call him Momo, I guarantee he will love it.

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