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Russo’s X-Rays Worry Doctors

June 11, 2008

I guess things are a little more serious with Kevin Russo’s facial injury than was first believed.  Russo, who was hit in the face with a ball during BP last Friday during the Reading series, was originally scheduled to be in the lineup tonight.  He was to be playing third base and hitting fifth.

Instead, he was scratched very late, leading to some mass scrambling in the press box.

Clearly, that was not the most serious part of the matter.

What is, is that Tony Franklin told reporters after the game that the team received a call today that informed them that doctors saw something in Russo’s facial X-rays that concerned them.  Here’s what Franklin told us after the game…

“I don’t know what the extent of it is.  We got a call today that they saw something that was kind of worrying them on  his X-rays, so we decided to take him out of the lineup and let him see the doctor before we played him.  That’s the reason he’s been out of the lineup for the past several days, he got hit in the head with a ball.  I was just trying to be really cautious with getting him back in there.”

“They noticed something on his X-rays, they just weren’t quite sure what it was.  He got hit on the side of the face.  Hopefully we’ll get an answer about it.”

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Game 64: Connecticut @ Trenton

June 11, 2008

Game 64 – Connecticut Defenders @ Trenton Thunder
June 11, 2008
Waterfront Park – Trenton, NJ

Pitching Matchup: TRE Alfredo Aceves (1-1, 2.17) vs. CON Paul Oseguera (0-1, 4.95)

Starting Lineups:


1 – Copeland
2 – Haines
3 – Ishikawa
4 – Sosa
5 – Witter
6 – Martinez-Esteve
7 – Rosario
8 – Maroul
9 – Richardson


1 – Pena
2 – Jackson
3 – Curtis
4 – Gonzalez
5 – Russo  Malec
6 – Tabata
7 – Pilittere
8 – Malec  Mendoza
9 – Corona

Pre-Game Notes: Not really too much going on today.  Talked to Tony Franklin before the game and he said that Eric Wordekemper isn’t available today after pitching three innings yesterday.  Claggett’s available, but I doubt he pitches…maybe Melancon pitches tonight, but it all depends on how deep Aceves can take it.

Did a very long “Getting To Know” feature with Phil Coke.  I think it lasted over 16 minutes.  When I can find three hours to transcribe it, I’ll post it here.

Radio Links: Click here for the links to each team’s broadcast.

Live Box Score: The direct link is here.

Around the Eastern League: For scores from around the EL, go here.

In-Game Updates (LIVE from the ballpark): Scoreless after the top of the 1st. 

ACEVES: 14 pitches — 6 balls, 8 strikes.  According to one scout in attendance, he was sitting at 89 MPH on the gun and hit 91 twice.

Scoreless after top 2.

ACEVES: 12 pitches — 3 balls, 9 strikes.  ACEVES TOTALS: 26 pitches — 9 balls, 17 strikes

Quite a bit of movement on his cutter, it breaks hard away from righties.

Connecticut made 20,000 defensive changes.  Well, not quite.

Copeland from LF to RF.  Haines from SS to 2B.  Sosa is OUT.  Wald IN at SS.  Rosario 2B to LF.

Scoreless after top 3.  Aceves has allowed one hit, struck out three and faced the minimum.

ACEVES: 11 pitches — 2 balls, 9 strikes.  ACEVES TOTALS: 37 pitches — 11 balls, 26 strikes.

0-0 through three.  Edwar Gonzalez whiffed with the sacks packed.

Scoreless after top 4.  Aceves has faced the minimum, and has thrown first pitch strikes to 10 of his 12 batters, and all of the last nine.  His at-bat with Copeland was seven pitches and his at-bat with Haines was eight.

ACEVES: 21 pitches — 7 balls, 14 strikes.  ACEVES TOTALS: 58 pitches — 18 balls, 40 strikes.

Aceves has touched 92 once.  He’s been sitting at 89-90 throughout the game.

Scoreless after top 5.  Aceves has still faced the minimum, allowed only one hit (a little flare to center by the first batter of the game) and has struck out five.  Witter stared at his curveball as it broke back over the plate for the third strike.

He’s thrown first pitch strikes to 12 of the 15 batters he’s faced.

ACEVES: 17 pitches — 5 balls, 12 strikes.  ACEVES TOTALS: 75 pitches — 23 balls, 52 strikes

That may have been Aceves’ best inning yet.  He was really painting the corners with his fastball, and fooled Maroul into looking at a called third strike on a fastball where he was probably expecting something offspeed.  He has 7 K’s — four looking, three swinging

ACEVES: 15 pitches — 4 balls, 11 strikes   ACEVES TOTALS: 90 pitches — 27 balls, 63 strikes

Connecticut leads 1-0 after the top of the 7th.  Aceves allowed a leadoff hit to Copeland, who was bunted over to second by Haines.  Ishikawa grounded to first, advancing Copeland to third.  Wald then laced a first-pitch single up the middle that nearly drilled Aceves to score Copeland.

Osiris Matos is now pitching for the Defenders.

ACEVES: 12 pitches — 2 balls, 10 strikes. ACEVES TOTALS: 102 pitches — 29 balls, 73 strikes

1-0, Defenders through seven.

Aceves is out, his totals are above.

Mark Melancon came in and got the Defenders 1-2-3 in the 8th.  He was at 94 on the gun…throws a really hard, but nasty curveball at around 84.

In-Game Photos:

Reegie Corona

Ramiro Pena

Chris Malec


Ummm.  Chris Malec’s bat…

Jason Jones delivers the balls to the BP pitcher

Colin Curtis

Kevin Russo

Paul Oseguera

Antoan Richardson

Alfredo Aceves



In-Game YouTube Videos: Austin Jackson BP VIDEO, Jose Tabata BP VIDEO , Alfredo Aceves VIDEO, Alfredo Aceves VIDEO 2, Alfredo Aceves VIDEO 3, Paul Oseguera VIDEO, Mark Melancon VIDEO, Mark Melancon VIDEO 2, Mark Melancon VIDEO 3, Alfredo Aceves VIDEO 4, Mark Melancon VIDEO 4, Mark Melancon VIDEO 5, Mark Melancon VIDEO 6, Mark Melancon VIDEO 7

Final Score: 1-0, Defenders.

Post-Game Notes: Kevin Russo was scratched because doctors saw issues with facial x-rays…Russo has not played since being hit in the face by a ball during BP.

Thunder Thoughts: No offense to speak of tonight.  What a shame that Aceves gets the loss.

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