About Yesterday

This is Pat Venditte…

This is Pat Venditte’s glove…

Check back in the next few days to learn more about the switch-pitching future member of the Thunder, who made his professional debut last night and ended up getting on Sportscenter.

As for the rest of what happened yesterday…I was able to speak to Tony Clark for an Alumni Sunday feature and for something you’ll see in the paper as well.

For someone who played in Trenton 14 years ago, he sure remembers quite a bit about his experience there.

I spoke to Jake Peavy and Trevor Hoffman for a Yankee Stadium feature I’m working on as well.

Then I went to Brooklyn, and imagine my surprise when I found out Mike Schmidt was making an appearance there.  A small group of reporters, myself included, spent about 15 minutes with him in the owner’s suite at Keyspan Park.

I’ll have an article in the Democrat on Schmidt next Thursday.

I spoke to Mets prospects Reese Havens, Josh Satin and Eric Campbell for “Future EL” pieces you’ll see here at some point, and also spoke to Staten Island pitching coach Pat Daneker and, of course, Venditte.

Stay tuned for some photos from last night, and the piece on Venditte coming soon…

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com

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