Sidney Ponson. Seriously.

Chad Jennings reports that the Yankees have sent Sidney Ponson to Trenton.

Other than costing the Thunder a few cents to update their “Road To The Majors” plaque on the concourse, there’s little significant impact to be had here.

Ponson is expected to start one of the two games in the Yankee-Shea doubleheader at the big league level on Friday, and will likely never throw a pitch for the Thunder.

The only possible scenario in which that would happen is if the Yankees instead chose to call-up Jeff Karstens for the start, which in all honesty would probably be the better choice considering Karstens 40-man roster status and hot streak in Triple-A.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


7 Responses to “Sidney Ponson. Seriously.”

  1. JT Says:

    I thought this was a bad joke until I saw the updated roster. Sir Sid on the Thunder roster, I was unaware that another starter was needed here.

  2. Rafi Says:

    I thought that’s why they DFA’d White. Since they have an open 40-spot(when was the last time that happened in season for more than a day), who would you feel more comfortable with: a pitcher who always got rocked in the majors, or a pitcher who at least did well there recently.

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  4. Ben B. Says:

    Thanks for the reporting, Mike. Good comment on starting Karstens instead.

  5. mbn Says:

    My money is still on Ponson, for this one start. Unless he is light’s out, and Giese fails, I doubt we will see Sid back in a Yankee uniform after this game. The Yankees do not need a 4th starter too often between now and after the All star game. There are scheduled off days on July 7th, and again on July 10th. Then they play 3 games against Toronto, and then comes a 4 day break for the All Star game. Play resumes on July 18th, home against Oakland. There is a scheduled off day on Thursday, July 24th (unless that is a make-up date). So really, until the very end of July, there are only 3 more starts for the #5 guy. Giese is more likely to be that guy over Ponson, who probably needs more regular work.

  6. Bob Says:

    Mike, did Nardi say anything about whats gonna happen with our pitchers once peolple start coming off the DL. If I counted right we would have 15 pitchers, if and when everyone comes back. Thanks for your response.

  7. Ponson or Karstens? « Jon’s Blog Says:

    […] argument that Jeff Karstens should start over Ponson, in a much more concise manner, agreeing with Mike Ashmore, the Trenton Thunder (Yanks’ AA affiliate) beat writer for the Hunterdon County […]

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