Hacker, Whelan and Wordekemper

Those would be the three people I spoke to after tonight’s game.

I’d imagine people are going to want an update on Kevin Whelan’s arm issues first, so here’s what he had to say in the clubhouse after the game:

“I don’t know if it’s just a little setback, but everything’s fine.  I’ll just take seven days off and get back into it.”

“(The forearm) hasn’t felt right.  There was a little pain…it didn’t hurt when I threw, but there was a lot of discomfort the day after.  I’ve been throwing through it, and I said something about it, so they wanted to find out what it was.”

Not particularly great news considering a forearm injury caused him to miss the start of the season.

As for Eric Wordekemper, he’ll be starting for the Thunder on Friday.  I asked the reliever when the last time he started a game was…

“Charleston, ’06.  That year I started in the bullpen and got a few spot starts and then piggybacked.  That ’06 season was the last time, but all through college I started.”

“I just have to go out there and pitch like I’ve been pitching and just get quality innings in.  Hopefully I’ll get some quick outs, my pitch count is going to be 70 or so, so I hope to get at least four innings.  The transfer (from the bullpen to starting) won’t be that difficult, because I’ve done both in the past.  Hopefully, it will work out well.”

“You have to prepare differently for (a start), you get to look over the lineup, study the hitters more in-depth and kind of come up with a game plan.”

Last, but certainly not least after his performance tonight, is Eric Hacker.  In his sixth Double-A start, the 25-year-old put together one of the best outings of his career, holding Erie scoreless through six and two thirds innings of solid work…

“I felt good tonight.  I had all of my pitches working for me, and I just had a good pace out there.  I stuck with it, pitched to my strengths and had some defense behind me.  I tried to get some early outs in early counts, and it was good.”

“I feel like I have (progressed).  I was a little inconsistent with my changeup when I first got here, but my last couple outings, I’ve kind of found it.  It was a good pitch for me tonight.  I’m just kind of getting comfortable with the team and comfortable with my pitches.  Overall, I’ve been staying within myself and I’m just excited that we won.”

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com

One Response to “Hacker, Whelan and Wordekemper”

  1. mbn Says:

    The issue for Hacker has been more concerning his health than his abilities. If he can log a healthy season in here somewhere, he should get on the radar towards the Bronx.

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