Bad News For Thunder Alums

Chad Jennings is reporting that Alan Horne struggled mightily in his outing, lasting only two thirds of an inning.

He offered up some troublesome quotes after the game.

“It was almost like I couldn’t get the ball there,” Horne told Jennings.

“It didn’t matter what I tried to do. I’d try to add something to it and it seemed like the harder I tried to throw it, the less effective it would be. My breaking stuff was just as slow and loopy as I think I’ve ever thrown it, and I can’t tell you why. Physically I’m fine. They came out there and checked me out and I said, ‘Nothing hurts. I just feel dead. My arm especially. It’s like I have no life, no drive through anything.’ ”

Meanwhile, Pete Abraham writes that it could be a long road back for Ian Kennedy, who struggled at the big league level before coming down with an injury.

“You have to earn your spot back,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi told Abraham.

“You have to pitch well to earn your spot back. He has to pitch well. He was optioned out, this is him getting right. This is like the other 175 players in the minor leagues, or however many there are.”

Kennedy pitched Saturday for Tampa, so that would likely rule out a one-game cameo appearance in Trenton for Wednesday’s game.  As of now, there still is now scheduled starter for that game and I’d have to assume it’s unlikely Eric Wordekemper starts again.  The way the Tampa rotation sets up, Jason Stephens would be in line for the start if they were to summon someone from down there, seeing how he pitched Friday.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


8 Responses to “Bad News For Thunder Alums”

  1. Kate Says:

    Brett Gardner got the call up to New York today, Mike.

  2. Rafi Says:

    hey kate, where’d you see/hear that? you got a link or something?

  3. Hank Says:

    i didnt se gardner’s call up any where. is it tru?

  4. Rafi Says:

    hey hank, someone on riveraveblues just told me about it so i looked into it…check out this link

  5. Hank Says:

    wow good call i didn’t see it any where

  6. nyyfaninlaaland Says:

    Mike – any more news on Gardner’s return? With Trenton carrying 10 pitchers right now, a little help would be good. There’s a couple of guys from Tampa that could be bumped up for the pen, but Stephens for the rotation seems a bit premature since he just got to Tampa (2 starts).

    That said, somebody’s got to start Wed. I’d suggest Grant Duff from Tampa. He’s not on the radar, but he’d been starting until Kennedy’s rehab bumped him, and with Pope getting ready to step back in there, he’s not needed in that role. He’s pitched well there, is a bit older, threw 2 innings on the 27th but hasn’t started since the 19th. As a placeholder he could work, and Tampa’s pen is in much better shape than Trenton’s. JJ returning would mean going on 3 days rest, and Scranton’s rotation is still up in the air with Horne ? and Aceves going on the DL. It should only require a start or 2 before things get straightened out again with IPK, Aceves, Marquez, etc.

  7. nyyfaninlaaland Says:

    I obviously meant Mike Gardner above, not Brett.

  8. thunderbaseball Says:

    I’ll have some more info when I actually talk to people today, but word at the ballpark is he could be activated today.

    I can’t talk to players until 5:30, and he’s doing stadium stairs now anyway…so unless I want to risk my press pass and do some jogging, I’ll wait the hour and a half.

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