Getting To Know: Austin Jackson

The “Getting To Know” series returns tonight with an off the field look at super prospect Austin Jackson. 

One of my favorite things I get to do in covering this team, the GTKY series has featured Chase Wright, P.J. Pilittere, Colin Curtis, Mark Melancon, Phil Coke and Jason Jones so far.

And I’ll start out this one with the same question I always go with first…

Mike Ashmore: Tell me something about Austin Jackson that’s going to surprise some people…

Austin Jackson
: “I always tell people — somebody else asked me what I like to do — and I told them that I like to watch cartoons a lot.  It keeps me down to Earth.  It’s something I’ve always been doing since I was a kid.  When you’re stressed out a little bit and you want to get away from baseball, I just kind of go to that and watch cartoons.  It frees up my mind a little bit.”

Ashmore: Do you watch old school cartoons, or newer stuff like SpongeBob, or…

A-Jack: “It doesn’t matter, whatever’s on the Cartoon Network, I like to watch.”

Ashmore: So take me through a typical day for you during the season…

A-Jack: “I normally get up around 9:30-10.  Start moving around, try to get some breakfast.  I’ll usually hang out around the apartment; watch TV, play video games, kind of rest a little bit.  I try to get here around 2-2:30, try to get some swings in the cage.  Get loosened up and things like that.  Then I’ll come back in and listen to my iPod, try to get my mind ready for the game.”

Ashmore: So I know that when the TV’s on, you might be watching cartoons…but what kind of video games do you like to play?

A-Jack: “Sports games, action/adventure games, Army games, things like that.  I recently just purchased Grand Theft Auto, the new one.  It’s pretty good.  I went and got some ninja game the other day.  I just wanted to try it out, I like trying different stuff.  I love playing video games, that’s one of the things I do when I’ve got spare time.”

Ashmore: How far along are you in GTA?

A-Jack: I’m not that far in it, actually.  It’s kind of inbetween that and I just bought Bad Company.  I’ve been playing that a lot more.  That’s fun, I like blowing up stuff in games (laughs).”

Ashmore: You talked about listening to your iPod, what do you have on there?

A-Jack: “I listen to Jay-Z a lot.  Little Wayne, Young Jeezy.  I got some rock stuff that I like to listen to; Breaking Benjamin, Crossfade.  Got a couple Coldplay songs.  It’s a little different, I like to mix it up a little bit.  That’s what playing pretty much right now.”

Ashmore: Most embarassing song on the iPod?

A-Jack: “I wouldn’t say I have anything embarassing.  But I’ve probably got some stuff that nobody would know about.  I’ve got some John Mayer, that would probably switch it up for a couple people, they wouldn’t think I’d listen to that (laughs).”

Ashmore: Let’s talk tattoos.  You’ve got your last name on your back, but tell me about what you have on your arm…

A-Jack: I’ve got a couple things.  I’ve got a grenade with wings and a cross with wings.  I’d seen a couple designs, a couple things in my head that I wanted.  It doesn’t really have any meaning to it or anything.  I liked the design and decided to go with it.”

Ashmore: Any other ones that you’d like to get?

A-Jack: “Yeah, I would like to get something else, probably in the off-season.  But I’ve got to think of some things.  My friend, he’s a good artist, and he can draw.  When I have an idea, I let him know, and he adds what he thinks would look good and things like that.”

Ashmore: When did you get the ones you have now?

A-Jack: “I got part of it done in the off-season, and then in spring training I went and got it filled in.  I’ve still got a little bit to go to get it filled in on the back.  But I enjoy doing it, it’s fun.  It’s kind of addicting sometimes, you can start going and not stop.”

Ashmore Note: Coolest tattoo I’ve ever seen on a Thunder player belonged to Bronson Sardinha.  It was simple — a tattoo of the Major League Baseball logo — but it was on the back of his neck, and was the same size and in the same place as where you’d see it on the back of a jersey.  Always thought that was really cool.

Ashmore: You’ve had quite a bit of attention around you for the past few years.  You usually have a lot of mail near your locker, and you’re always interacting with the fans.  Has there been a particularly odd fan request or moment with a fan that stands out to you?

A-Jack: “Somebody came up with a basketball and wanted me to sign it.  That, I guess, is kind of odd.  I’d never had anybody ask me to sign a basketball while I was playing baseball.  It makes sense, but it’s kind of weird a little bit.”

Ashmore: If you and I were to play basketball one-on-one, the question isn’t if you would kick my (butt), but how badly would you kick my (butt)…

A-Jack: “I’d let you score a little bit.  I’d want to make it interesting, I wouldn’t want to make it no contest (laughs).  I’d wanna see what you got, I’d let you score a little bit.”

Ashmore: I can answer that right now, I’ve got nothing.

A-Jack: (Laughs)

Ashmore: I’m sure people bring this up a lot, but I guess since we’re on the subject…are you satisfied with how everything played out with giving up basketball and going to baseball full-time?

A-Jack: “Yeah, I’m satisfied with it.  That’s a thing of the past now, I don’t really look back on it too much.  I watch some highlight tapes every once in a while, just old memories.  But I’ve never second guessed my decision at all.”

Ashmore: Safe to assume you still follow basketball, though…

A-Jack: “Yeah, I followed the playoffs.  Any time I got a chance to watch a basketball game, I would turn it on and watch it.”

Ashmore: Favorite NBA team?

A-Jack: I don’t really have a favorite team.  I was rooting for the Lakers though.”

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3 Responses to “Getting To Know: Austin Jackson”

  1. dan Says:

    I’m not sure how much guys pay attention to these things (probably not at all), but apparently BA ranked Jackson the #14 prospect in the minor leagues (not including recent draftees).

    And I’m really enjoying this series.

  2. Ty Says:

    Great, seems like a cool guy.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yanks26 Says:

    When Jackson is a star for the Yanks, and he is much more PC and guarded like Jeter, it will be nice to go back to such a candid interview and see the real A-Jacks. He seems like he’s well grounded.

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