One Minute With Erin Andrews

As you can see, playing for the Thunder can certainly have its benefits.

What you might not know, however, is that covering the team doesn’t exactly suck either.

With the Yankees only having two prospects in the Futures Game, I wanted to get some outside perspective on All-Star Weekend at Yankee Stadium.  I was able to talk to five prospects outside of the Yankees organization, but I was also able to chat a little bit with ESPN reporter Erin Andrews.

“This is awesome,” said Andrews of getting to cover All-Star Weekend.

“I’ve done a ton of games here at Yankee Stadium for baseball on ESPN.  Last year was actually my first time being a part of the All-Star festivities, but I think when you see the legends and the names of the people that are going to be included in this weekend, it’s pretty cool to have said I’ve been a part of it.”

The Florida grad even plans on bringing back a few mementos from Yankee Stadium as well.

“I don’t really save a lot of stuff from when I’m working,” Andrews said.

“But I saved my Bon Jovi ticket from last night, and I saved my credential.  It’s very neat.”

My first time working a game at Yankee Stadium was in May of 2007, when I went up to cover Matt DeSalvo’s Major League debut.  I’ll never forget the experience of actually getting to go into the press box, Yankee clubhouse and other areas that the public doesn’t really get to see too often.

One of the unique aspects of the underbelly of Yankee Stadium is that the ceilings in some of the pathways are very, very low.

In talking about her first time covering a game at Yankee Stadium, Andrews shares a story that talks about just that.

“Four years ago, I was walking down in the tunnel with Rick Sutcliffe, who was our analyst,” she said.

“There’s padding up above all the pipes.  And Rick Sutcliffe said to me, ‘They got that done when they signed Randy Johnson’ so he wouldn’t hit his head.  So I’ll never forget that, and for a minute, I thought it was true.”

Her overall impression of working at Yankee Stadium?

“It’s very, very old, and I’m excited to see what the next one looks like across the street,” she said.

“I think it was everything that everybody told me it was going to be like and more.  It’s hard because I’m a Red Sox fan (laughs), but it’s very cool here.”

Erin was very approachable, and seemed happy that I would be interested in getting her thoughts on her experiences at Yankee Stadium — “Thanks so much for asking me” is what she said when we were done with the interview.

I’m sure I’ll post the audio to this at some point, but this was clearly one of my highlights from All-Star Weekend at Yankee Stadium.

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