Cashman Talks Trenton

Because really, how could I ask him about anything else?

It wasn’t just that I — you know, cover the Thunder and all — the man was wearing a collared shirt with the Trenton Thunder logo on it during the Futures Game.

To ask him about anything else would simply be uncivilized.

Here’s how the conversation went in my brief one-on-one with New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman…

Mike Ashmore: With Ramiro Pena being the lone representative of the Thunder here at the Futures Game, what are your thoughts on how he’s progressed since you first signed him?

Brian Cashman: “He continues to move really well though the system.  He’s a premier shortstop on the defensive side, and obviously we feel he’s at the very least a utility player in the big leagues.  If the bat ever comes around, he’ll be an everyday shortstop in the big leagues.  His bat continues to get better on a daily basis as he physically matures, so there’s hope that he might become an everyday shortstop in the big leagues, but we’ll see.”

Ashmore: How pleased are you overall with your Trenton affiliate?

Cashman: “They do a terrific job.  We continue to reshuffle out roster, and they’re doing the job by promoting guys to Triple-A.  We’re real proud of the work that Tony Franklin and the staff down there do.  We have players, and we’re going to continue to have players that we’re going to send them to develop and allow them to get to the next level with ease.  They’re doing a remarkable job at that.”

Ashmore: Are there any plans for Francisco Cervelli to join the Thunder at any point this year?

Cashman: “I don’t know yet.  Cervelli’s down with a knee issue, so I can’t tell you how far away we are on that.”

Ashmore: Last question for you…in terms of players on the Thunder roster right now, who’s on the radar for you right now that maybe wasn’t on it when the season started?

Cashman: “I don’t know if there’s anyone surprising me, to be honest.  Obviously, Austin Jackson is Austin Jackson.  Claggett’s doing extremely well out of the bullpen.  Well, I guess two guys that have kind if pushed their way up in the prospect category again are Phil Coke and Hacker.  Those two guys, their stock has continued to rise.  And I think everyone else is doing what we hoped (they) would or expected.  We were disappointed, obviously Tabata’s had a tough year this year.  At his age, we’ll just take this as a blip on the radar.”

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


4 Responses to “Cashman Talks Trenton”

  1. Steve A Says:

    No mention of Jason Jones? The poor guy can’t get a break.

  2. thunderfangabe Says:

    That’s exactly what I thought, too. JJ didn’t get mentioned after putting up some great numbers this year. And earning a trip to AAA earlier! That’s pretty cool that he was wearing a Thunder shirt though!

    Great job, Mike!

    Oh, and you should have said “I hear you read Thunder Thoughts. What’s your favorite part…videos? GTKY? Fan Q&A?” hahaha.

  3. yanksince57-karstens/aceves/next? Says:

    and if he had mentioned jones, it would just further enflame the blog feeding frenzy about minor leaguers (q.v. cox, melancon etc. etc.)

  4. mbn Says:

    Nice to see that Hacker and Coke get some notice in NY. I also am shocked that Jones can’t draw any respect. And he may be the best of the bunch!!

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