Fan Guide: Yankee Club

An idea I had at the start of the season was to go around to various areas of the ballpark and give the fans a better idea of what exactly they might find there.  There might be fans who’ve been coming to Thunder games for years who’ve never been inside a luxury suite or the Yankee Club, or who’ve never sat in a certain section or had a certain item on the concessions menu, etc.

Three and a half months later, and the fan guide makes its debut.

Up first is a look inside the Yankee Club.

The Yankee Club is a spacious luxury suite located behind home plate.  It can accomodate up to 120 people, and is actually the size of about three or four regular suites.

A look from inside the spacious Yankee Club

The Yankee Club is decorated with countless pieces of Yankees and Thunder memorabilia.  Some of it is provided by Steiner Sports, while others are part of the Barry Halper collection…

…for example, that’s a game-worn Babe Ruth jersey.

The view from the Yankee Club.  I was actually surprised by how close it seemed compared to my usual spot up in the press box.  It feels more like you’re on top of the field up there than it does where I’m at.

The Yankee Club includes a fully stocked bar with bartender as well as seating outside the suite itself.  Inside, it’s loaded with flat screen TV’s and food from either a more upscale gourmet menu or the more traditional picnic menu.

Menus, as well as pricing and availability can all be located at the Thunder’s official site:

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


3 Responses to “Fan Guide: Yankee Club”

  1. thunderfangabe Says:

    Mike, this is great! I have been up there, but it gives a nice idea to some fans that haven’t. Can’t wait to see what you have up next. 🙂

  2. thunderbaseball Says:

    If I annoy the front office enough, I’ll go for an “All You Can Eat” feature. If not, I have a luxury suite piece and a food items (?) piece in the can that I can use.

  3. mbn Says:

    I “visited” the Club once, and the view of a game in progress is really very good. You do not feel like you are that far away, and it is quite enjoyable in there.

    Not cheap to rent, or so I understand. I was a “guest”, so I really do not know anything about pricing.

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