CONFIRMED: Hall Traded

Have seen some comments that the Yankees have traded Thunder reliever Bo Hall to the Astros…I am not with the team on the road and confirming things at 12:30 in the morning isn’t real easy, but if I can get anything concrete on it, I’ll have an update later in the day.

UPDATED: Have been able to confirm, thanks to a source close to the team, that Hall has in fact been dealt to the Astros organization for the ever-popular player to be named later.

The only piece of the puzzle that still needs to be discussed is why Hall was put on the DL in the first place.  I know he wasn’t hurt, so I’d guess there was either an issue with him being frustrated with his place in the organization or the organization needed to buy a little time to essentially get rid of him.

This is a big blow to the Thunder bullpen.  Hall had more or less been there all season, with the exception of a brief call-up to Scranton, and was consistent all year long.  Anthony Claggett and Mark Melancon both have better stuff and better numbers, but there’s no arguing that Hall was a key part of the bullpen and was always reliable.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

6 Responses to “CONFIRMED: Hall Traded”

  1. boreifs Says:

    The minors are all about development, Mike. Obviously, Whelan is a much higher priority to the organization than Bo Hall. The Yanks also need to find a spot for Humberto Sanchez this week, because his rehab time has run and he needs to be recalled and optioned. With Wordekemper pitching better and Valdez doing just fine after being promoted, there was no room for a 28-year old pitcher on the AA roster.

  2. thunderbaseball Says:

    I agree with all that. But don’t put the guy on the phantom DL, that’s just shady.

  3. steve Says:

    I bet he asked for the trade.

    They got him to an organization that has little depth so he’ll actually have a shot. I bet he goes straight to AAA.

  4. mbn Says:

    Hall will get a fair shot with the Astros. I doubt he was going anywhere with the Yankees. I liked the little I saw of him this season, but like a previous poster stated, there are kids with higher priorities in the Yankees eyes.

  5. thunderbaseball Says:

    I believe Hall is set to report to Double-A, but I haven’t confirmed that part of it just yet…

    The Yankees have had a history of getting rid of really good middle relievers from Double-A because they weren’t a part of their future — Gerardo Casadiego was putting up really good numbers and eventually asked for his release because he was sick of being stuck in Trenton. Paul Thorp was putting up really, really good numbers and they still canned him because of his weight.

    I’d imagine this was somewhat of a mutual decision, but I’ll see what I can find out…

  6. boreifs Says:

    In principle, I agree with you, Mike, about the use of the DL. In the minor leagues, though, it seems like it is often used as a glorified “reserve list”. For example, the third catchers at SWB and Trenton have often been on the DL this season when there was no roster spot available. Both teams need three catchers, but the 24-man roster precludes the luxury, unless someone is injured and a roster spot is available. As a result, I’m not necessarily offended by a phantom use, although it would be much preferable for AAA and AA teams to have 25-man rosters and an ironclad DL policy.

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