Game 105: Portland @ Trenton

Game 105 – Portland Sea Dogs @ Trenton Thunder
July 26, 2008
Waterfront Park – Trenton, NJ

Pitching Matchup: TRE George Kontos (3-9, 3.77) vs. POR Dave Gassner (2-5, 6.89)

Starting Lineups:


1 – Pritz
2 – Jimenez
3 – Wagner
4 – Daeges
5 – Bates
6 – Anderson
7 – Reddick
8 – Diaz
9 – Suarez


1 – Corona
2 – Pena
3 – Jackson
4 – Malec
5 – Curtis
6 – Ibarra
7 – Ehlers
8 – Muich
9 – Cooper

Pre-Game Notes: A worthless bit of info on any other day, but with everyone on high alert mode…worth noting that Jason Jones is bringing the bag of balls back and forth during BP today. Usually, that’s the job of the previous day’s starter. I assume Coke is here, and I know Kontos is still set to pitch.

I asked Tony Franklin about the report in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that both Coke and Kontos were removed from the trade because one had a labrum issue, and he said he had no idea about any of that.  Coke was also not given a reason as to why he was removed from the trade.

If I’m guessing, they’re referring to George’s shoulder injury last year, where he missed two months.

Word on the street is that Coke will be getting his innings cut down, but it’s not known yet whether he’ll be heading to the bullpen.

Radio Links: Click here for the links to each team’s broadcast.

Live Box Score: The direct link is here.

Around the Eastern League: For scores from around the EL, go here.

In-Game Updates (LIVE from the ballpark): George Kontos is here!  And he’s pitching!  0-0 in the bottom of the first.

Reegie Corona provided a very, very scary moment here in the bottom of the 1st.  He broke his bat on a grounder to the pitcher, and the majority of the bat went flying into the stands.  It deflected off a row of miraculously empty seats (on a fireworks night, no less) and went into the concourse separating the lower and upper level of seats.  Thankfully, nobody was injured, but the bat went into the stands at a very high rate of speed.

Kontos with quite a rough 2nd inning.  Four runs on four hits, but the big blow came on a three-run triple by Josh Reddick.

Well, as colleague Josh Brett pointed out, George Kontos can’t complain about run support tonight.  Not that he does, but the point is, is that he flat out doesn’t have it tonight.  He just gave up a home run to Aaron Bates in the 3rd to make it 6-1.  The Thunder, if you’re curious, scored on an RBI groundout from Cody Ehlers.  Ehlers seemed pretty frustrated in batting practice today…don’t know if the confidence has taken a hit.

Mark Wagner gets on my crap list for fouling one back in my general direction.  Missed coming in here by about an inch or two.  In relevant news, it’s still 6-1 Portland in the 5th.

James Cooper drives one in here in the bottom of the 5th, it’s now 6-2.  Will Portland snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?  Perhaps…Reegie Corona drives in another to make it 6-3.

Kontos out after six.  Six runs, five hits, four walks, blah.  Not the solid outing many people were hoping for.  Sticking with the six theme, Oneli Perez is in…

Michael Gardner in for Perez after two solid innings of relief out of the six-fingered specialist.

Aaaaaaaaand it’s over.  Trenton’s lost four out of their last five.  Should be just a joyous clubhouse tonight.

In-Game Photo Gallery:

Phil Coke, who was in charge of carrying the backpack of sunflower seeds and gum to the bullpen.

George Kontos — not traded after all

Chris Malec

Oneli Perez

In-Game YouTube Videos: George Kontos VIDEO, George Kontos VIDEO 2, George Kontos VIDEO 3

Final Score: 6-3, Sea Dogs.

Post-Game Notes: Check out Baseball Digest Daily Live for an interview with one Austin Jackson.

Thunder Thoughts: Ah, yes.  The press box can have many fun moments.  For example, there was this exchange with myself and another reporter upon entering yesterday…

Me: Anyone wanna play guess that odor?

Colleague: It smells like feet.

But today, the Thunder have redeemed themselves by providing the press with a wide array of lovely desserts.  Raspberry cheesecake, apple pie.  Well played, Thunder.  Well played indeed. 

I made the WordPress Top Blogs list, ranking 96th out of their 3,657,882 blogs.  Thanks to the record amount of users we got today, nearly 4,300 people.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


11 Responses to “Game 105: Portland @ Trenton”

  1. Scooter Says:

    Mike –
    Weird 24 hours. Chad Jennings posted that McCutchen was consoling Kontos last night when it seemed like Kontos was heading out of town. Now McCutchen is driving 10 hours to join the Pirates AAA affiliate

    It’s odd that there’s been no previous talk about either Coke or Kontos being injury risks. Yankees are usually super-cautious with pitching prospects – so this is a bit odd.

    Scranton is starting Alan Horne in one open slot. I wonder if Coke or Jones will get another shot at AAA on Wednesday

  2. thunderbaseball Says:

    With the report on the labrums…that’s one of those things that if you write it, you better make sure you’ve got your you-know-what straight. That’s a pretty damaging thing to say, and you better make sure it’s legit.

  3. Heather Says:

    I haven’t been able to comment on everything, but you’re doing a fantastic job covering all of the madness, Mike. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  4. Scooter Says:

    I wonder if Coke will end up as THE lefty in the Scranton pen.

    There is the rumored Jarrod Washburn deal. The rumor there is that the Yankees are eating almost all the contract, so that the prospect going back to Seattle is not supposed to be a top-notch one. Still – it could be another pitcher

    Looking at Tampa, I can’t imagine promoting Zach McAllister again, but he just threw a complete game (7 inning) 3-hitter, with no walks. Maybe he’s pulling a Joba

  5. thunderbaseball Says:

    Thanks, Heather…

    George Kontos is actually pitching tonight. Maybe he’ll actually pitch more than one inning, too.

  6. Highlander Says:

    Congrats on being 96 out of 3.66 million! Great blog and it should rank with the best. You’re 96th…you’re 96th…you’re 96th…you…..

  7. Heather Says:

    Hmm, perhaps they should have pulled him after two innings…

    Have a slice of raspberry cheesecake to celebrate being #96 – you’ve earned it.

  8. River Ave. Blues | Comeback for the ages in Tampa Says:

    […] Maybe Phil Coke or Jason Jones gets bumped up from Trenton, but word is that Coke will start having his innings limited. Both guys certainly deserve it, but either way they’d just be keeping the spot warm for Phil […]

  9. dan Says:

    As if we needed further proof that Mike is the man.

  10. Drew Says:

    The trade is better for the Pirates, but I still really like it. Karstens couldn’t get it done on a consistent basis and it’s hard to tell if McCutchen will make it. Hope he has success though.

  11. thunderbaseball Says:

    A man? Yes. The man? No. But thanks for all the kind words, of course.

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