Melancon and Wright to Scranton, Plus More

BREAKING NEWS — Mark Melancon and Chase Wright promoted to Scranton.  Wilkins Arias and Steven White to Trenton.  Eric Wordekemper to Tampa.

More later…

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

21 Responses to “Melancon and Wright to Scranton, Plus More”

  1. jason Says:

    YES…MELANCON!! looking to see that September call up!!

  2. Dyra Says:


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  4. Rafi Says:

    Do you think this is entirely because the org. decided that there’s nothing left at AA for them, or (at least in part)because the loss of 3 starters at SWB?

  5. Heather Says:

    Wow, congrats to Chase and Melancon. Awesome.

  6. Highlander Says:

    Great for Melancon and Wright…best of luck to them. But Wordekemper to Tampa? He’s been lights out since the beginning of June. 1.37 in his last ten outings. He had an ERA under 0.75 in Tampa last year. What will he get out of Tampa? If he doesn’t have a big enough arm for the Yankees, let him go someplace where he’s wanted.

  7. YanksFan Says:

    That sucks for Wordy, he turned the corner after a rough start and was starting to put up good numbers. Hopefully he gets back up there

  8. JB Says:

    Mike, any idea why Wordy got sent down, of all people?

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  10. thunderbaseball Says:

    I didn’t stay in Tony Franklin’s office for the entire session, but I think they may send Wordy there to convert him to a starter…no idea yet, but he certainly didn’t do anything that would warrant getting sent down. Neither did Josh Schmidt, and he hasn’t been heard from in a long time…so who knows, really.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    why not let wordy be a starter at double A if that is the supposed reason he is going to tampa?? I think he only gave up 3 earned runs in tampa last year and none after the month of May. its hard to improve when you don’t get challenged. I agree with the earlier comment, just let him go somewhere else then. A ball is no place for him. You’re messing with guys mentally when you make moves like this.

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  13. Reyes Gomez Says:

    I disagree with the promotion of Chase Wright, Philip Coke has much better numbers to get the promotion. What about Philip Bartleski? He should get the promotion to Trenton too.

  14. YanksFan Says:

    I don’t agree with sending him down but this team and farm system usually move someone down when converting them to a starter (besides Joba) so if that is the case it makes sense to let him face lesser competition and get his arm built up to handle the innings load. Facing equal competition and trying to build your arm up is a dangerous game because he will often be fatigued at the end of appearances

  15. thunderbaseball Says:

    I think it was fair to send Wright up. Coke got a chance earlier this year, and so did JJ. Time to see what Chase can do.

    As for who got the call up here…you could make a case for Jonathan Hovis, too.

    I wonder if you see Zach McAllister here pretty soon…

  16. Scooter Says:

    Mike –
    Zach’s been dominant at Tampa lately – but that would be a major jump for a guy who started the year at Charleston.

    Still, I’d love it if Zach finished strong at Trenton – and he deserves a bump up. The one problem – Zach is already just over 50 innings past his total for last year. He could be shut down soon

    I wouldn’t mind if Pope or Nova got the nod, either. Both guys have been lights out their last couple of starts

  17. thunderbaseball Says:

    Melancon started in Tampa and there’s legit talk that he could be with the Yankees in September…there’s no doubting that it would be a big jump for McAllister, but if they’re not going to shut him down, the Thunder are going to need a starter…

  18. dan Says:

    But McAllister is 19, Melancon was a college vet moving quickly up the ranks.

  19. rafaelia Says:


    Melancon and Wright to Scranton, Plus More | Mike Ashmore’s Thunder Thoughts

  20. cosetta Says:


    Melancon and Wright to Scranton, Plus More | Mike Ashmore’s Thunder Thoughts

  21. merry Says:


    Melancon and Wright to Scranton, Plus More | Mike Ashmore’s Thunder Thoughts

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