Pilittere Has Successful Surgery

One positive bit of news following the Thunder’s sixth straight loss was word that catcher P.J. Pilittere had successful surgery to reset his broken nose today.

Pilittere, the club’s starting backstop and an Eastern League All-Star, has been out of action since being struck in the face by a pop-up in New Hampshire on July 23rd.

“It went well, he feels good,” said Thunder manager Tony Franklin.

“He said the only thing that was bothering him was that he had a little bit of a headache.  It was a quick procedure, and the doctor says he’ll be ready to go…he’s going to be able to ride the bike tomorrow from what I understand.  He’s going to be able to do some catching stuff pretty soon.”

Franklin, who was surprised that he could be seeing his catcher return sooner rather than later, was quick to point out how important the California resident has been to his team.

“Let’s face it, this guy’s been our engine for the past two years,” Franklin said.

“Everybody talks about the pitching staff, but there’s a reason they’ve pitched as well as they have.  P.J.’s the engine to the pitching staff, and it’s a void when you’re missing a guy like that.”

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


4 Responses to “Pilittere Has Successful Surgery”

  1. mbn Says:

    Great news. Hope he makes a quick comeback, and picks right up where he left off.

    One has to be a little concerned that he may be gun-shy when batting, especially on inside pitches. Hope he overcomes this fairly quick.

  2. Dave S. Says:

    Glad PJ is doing well. Saw him on Friday and his face looked a mess. He was saying that he just wanted to get back on the field. PJ is a gamer, wish everyone was like him. The guys is a born winner and I hope he gets a shot at the show someday…


  3. Heather Says:

    Good for PJ. Hopefully his recovery will be smooth and he’ll be back soon.

  4. putter Says:

    Great to hear he will be alright we sure can use him right now with our losing streak we have going

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