Ashmore Mailbag

As of now, I’m just looking to use this as a possible article for the paper…but if it goes well, I would consider making it a semi-regular feature on the blog.

Basically, if anyone has any questions for yours truly, feel free to fire away. You can either post them in the comments or send them via e-mail…if you want your question to possibly be considered for use in the paper, I will need your name.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


7 Responses to “Ashmore Mailbag”

  1. Steve A Says:

    Who does the team look to as leaders among the players?

  2. dan Says:

    What’s it like to have a name (mashmore) that fits so well in a baseball setting?

    But seriously, what kinds of questions are you looking for? Something similar to the “Ask the Thunder” series?

  3. thunderbaseball Says:

    Stuff like the first question…if you’re looking for an opinion on a player, or if it’s something general about what this job is like, etc. Whatever.

  4. Dave S. Says:

    Nice idea Mike. I would like to read a article about this. I want you to get into the head of a AA ballplayer. Not a top shelf prospect that knows he will get to the majors. A guy like PJ Pilittere would be a good example. He has won a NCAA Championship in 2004, Class A at Staten Island in 2005 and at Trenton in 2007. He has seen his ex-teammates in college (Kurt Suzuki and Chad Cordero) make it to the show. PJ is always motivated and seems like a great teammate. What makes him tick? Does it disappoint him when they sign guys to catch at AAA instead of calling him up? When I watch him it just looks like he loves the game of baseball and would play for free but I’m sure the things I mentioned above are in his head but he sure doesn’t show it. It would be interesting to read a story along those lines.

    Dave Sistaro
    Staten Island,New York

  5. Thurman Says:

    I know Kontos has had issues with anger in the past. In yoru experiance, what kind of a guy is he? Often one gets the simple picture as opposed to the true one, I was wondering if he gets a bad wrap.

  6. pat Says:

    mike i have one for you…

    is being a beat writer for a minor league affiliate sort of like being a propset where you one day hope ro make it to the show?
    do you one day aspire to share a pressroom with the blogfather? im sure u know who im talking about haha

    but on a serious note ,if somebody really wanted to become a beat writer for a major league team

  7. pat Says:

    would looking into a position at a smaller paper be the right way to start?

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