FANswers: The Final Frontier

A few weeks back, I asked the readers of this blog to submit their questions to any player or coach on the Trenton Thunder roster.

And you guys did. 

And I asked the players your questions.

And they answered.

In the final installment of the six part FANswers series, likely the last of the season, the since-departed Eladio Rodriguez, George Kontos and Ramiro Pena take the time to answer your questions.


Eladio Rodriguez – Is bouncing around among levels with limited playing time tough to deal with, or do you get to work on things and stay motivated? How do you see your future in the game?

“It’s very different.  Sometimes, I feel bad because they say to play in Tampa or play in Trenton or play here or there.  But where the Yankees need my services, I’m going.  It’s hard, but I understand the situation.  It’s very difficult for me, because I want to play.  But when I get my chance, I play hard.”


Kontos – You’ve pitched well this year but it hasn’t worked out for you in the W-L column. Do you and other pitchers take that in stride or does it concern or drive you?

“It kind of goes with the game of baseball.  As a pitcher, all I can do is try to throw the pitches in the catcher’s glove and try to execute all my pitches with my locations and try to keep the team in the game.  So far this season, my win-loss record hasn’t shown how I’ve actually pitched.  I think I’ve pitched much better than my 3-10 win-loss record.  But once I’m in the game, the hitters have their job to do, and I have my job to do and all I can do is keep the team in the game and give them a chance to win.”

“It can be frustrating, but at the same time, it’s not as if the hitters aren’t trying.  Everyone is giving it their best out there on the field.  Some days it works out, and some days it doesn’t.  If it just so happens on my day, every fifth day, that’s just the way it goes.  As long as the team does well and I give them a chance to win and get us to the postseason and help us win another championship, that’s all I cam ask for.”

For anyone: Who’s the funniest guy on the team? I always love the stories that go along with that question.

“Oh man.  Well, as of right now I’m not really sure, but I’d have to say Cutch when he was here.  Cutch is kind of a goofball.  He’d be my pick.”


Reegie Corona or Ramiro Pena – Now that you’ve been in the org for a few seasons and getting closer to NY at AA, do you want to play there or think with Jeter and Cano there you might welcome a move elsewhere?

“I want to be a Yankee, but it’s not the only team.  We’ve got a lot of teams.  Jeter and Cano are good players, and I have to work more to get better and try to get their spot.  But if I can’t, we’ve got more teams.  The Yankees aren’t the only team.”

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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