Game 137: Connecticut @ Trenton

Game 137 – Connecticut Defenders @ Trenton Thunder
August 29, 2008
Waterfront Park – Trenton, NJ

Pitching Matchup: TRE Oneli Perez (2-2, 3.67) vs. CON Garrett Broshuis (13-9, 3.83)

Starting Lineups:


1 – Haines
2 – Rosario
3 – Klink
4 – Alfonzo
5 – Witter
6 – Sosa
7 – Martinez-Esteve
8 – Mooney
9 – Maroul


1 – Russo
2 – Pena
3 – Curtis
4 – Cervelli
5 – Gonzalez
6 – Pilittere
7 – Malec
8 – Mendoza
9 – Cooper

Pre-Game Notes: Austin Jackson took BP today and looked good, but still no word on when he’ll be activated. 

UPDATED — Talked to Jackson in the clubhouse, and he said he feels good and should be activated tomorrow.

Didn’t see Zach Kroenke in the clubhouse today.  Doesn’t mean he isn’t there or avoiding the media or any other ridiculous conspiracy theories that I’ve seen about scenarios like that.

Christian Garcia was there.  I’ll uhhh…talk to him later, hopefully.

Sounds like Jeff Marquez might be playing in the AFL this year as well.  Nothing official on that, but there was definitely some chatter going on about that.  He was very quietly suspended three days for throwing at Nolan Reimold yesterday.

Spoke to Tony Franklin about not winning Manager of the Year.  As you’d expect, he didn’t seem to care that he didn’t win.  He talked about how the focus is on the guys on the field, etc.

Pete Abraham reports that Yankees minor leaguers Justo Arias and Rafael Martinez were suspended 50 games each for testing positive for Stanozolol.

Radio Links: Click here for the links to each team’s broadcast.

Live Box Score: The direct link is here.

Around the Eastern League: For scores from around the EL, go here.

In-Game Updates (LIVE from the ballpark): It’s miiiiiiiiserable here.  It’s raining, there’s very few people here and I just spent $12 for food.  Suffice it to say, there will be some sarcasm on the blog tonight…

Oneli Perez with five strikeouts for his first seven outs so far.  Tied at one in the third.

Perez struck out nine through four innings, but is out for Mike Gardner.

Kevin Whelan is looking pretty similar to the way he did when he threw four wild pitches in an inning.  He’s already bounced one…no idea what’s going on with him.

Final Score: 4-3, Thunder.

Post-Game Notes: Interesting story by Rick Reilly on former Thunder players Mitch Jones and Shawn Garrett here

Thunder Thoughts:

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


5 Responses to “Game 137: Connecticut @ Trenton”

  1. greg8370 Says:

    Hope there’s not a rainout….playing a DH this late in the season has to be a drag. In ’06 Connecticut and the B-Mets had to play a double dip on the last day of the season because playoff seedings were on the line.

  2. JB Says:


    Thanks for linking to that story. The amazing thing is that neither of those guys have gotten a shot, while Randy Ruiz, who TWICE got suspended for doping while with Reading in 2005, reached the major leagues this year with the Twins. Sometimes life just isn’t fair.

  3. Bob Says:

    Zambrano’s line tonight: 4IP 11Hits 8Runs 3BB 2K’s 1 HR

  4. Gabe Says:

    and bob’s post proves life is NOT FAIR….

  5. Steve Says:

    I think Reilly’s article was very, very poor…

    “In 2004, playing part of the season for the Rockies’ Triple-A affiliate, he hit .371, and you’d have thought his phone was broken.”
    –He played 30 games…

    “He hit 39 HRs in a season, and nobody in the Bronx even blinked. ”
    –He also was a 26 year old in AA, who hit .246/.334 – terrible.

    “Tori Spelling could win this case!”
    –I guess Tori Spelling is stupid???

    “What happened to Jones on May 19, 2006, alone ought to be worth a few mil in punitive damages. He was in Richmond when the Yankees called him up, emergency style. He raced to the airport, flew to LaGuardia, got in a cab, had to talk his way into Yankee Stadium, picked up his uniform, called his dad to tell him (“I’d always dreamed of the day I’d make that call,” Jones says), sat next to Sheffield in the dugout (oh, irony!) and … never got into the game.”
    –That happens all the time. See David Parrish. He was lucky to get the call. He hit .234 that year.

    “Hey, Joe, call him up right now, and we’ll ask the lawyers to go easy on you during the cross. ”
    –Because Joe makes transaction decisions?

    Mitch Jones is a career .246/.330 hitter. He had one nice full season in AAA (2005). He also had obscene strikeout rates. The next season he did well in AAA, 2007, he left the Dodgers to play in Japan, where he was awful.

    Shawn Garrett is a career .290/.346 hitter – most of that coming below AAA. His career AAA lines (in full seasons) are .295/.333 with 17 homers, .220/.260 the next year, now he’s hitting .290/.322 with Seatle’s AAA team. Ironically, he might get a September call-up considering the Mariners are out of it.

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