Torn Rotator Cuff For Horne

River Ave. Blues has a story, via NYYFans, that former Thunder pitcher Alan Horne has a torn rotator cuff.

With the source of the information being Horne’s father, I’d say it’s pretty reliable.  Apparently, Horne had his shoulder scoped by Dr. James Andrews. 

Here’s part of the article:

“He said there was a partial tear of the rotator cuff that he cleaned up along with some fray but was very specific that it was not considered a typical repair where you actually have to tie anything down. Also there was some fray along the labrum which he cleaned up saying that because nothing was considered a complete repair that Alan’s recovery should go well. Dr. Andrews went on to say that the issues going on with Alan’s shoulder this year would surely prohibit his arm from working the way it can and should, but that this will put him back on track.”

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


One Response to “Torn Rotator Cuff For Horne”

  1. Chris Centeno MD Says:

    As a doctor who sees these patients, it would great if we could get him to do this:…oulder-surgeryrecooperation-from-shoulder-surgery/

    Much less recovery, better healing.

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