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Akron To Face Trenton In Finals For Second Straight Year

September 6, 2008

Thanks to their 5-1 victory over Bowie in Game Four of the Eastern League Southern Division Series, the Akron Aeros have advanced to the Eastern League Championship Series and will face the Trenton Thunder for the second consecutive season.

No word on if Travis Hafner, who hit a three-run home run tonight for the Aeros, will be playing with Akron in the championship series as well.

Either way, Bowie losing is somewhat of a surprise and may be somewhat of a blessing in disguise for the Thunder.  The Baysox took five out of six games against Trenton, while the Thunder won four out of their seven games against Akron.

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Hacker Starting Game One, Thunder Players Heading To Instructional League

September 6, 2008

Just because the Thunder won’t be playing again until Tuesday doesn’t mean that the Thunder news stops around here.

Chad Jennings is reporting that Eric Hacker will be starting Game 1 of the Eastern League Championship Series for the Trenton Thunder.

That’s interesting on two levels…

One, it goes against what the Thunder did last year.  Tyler Clippard was scheduled to pitch Game 5 of the Eastern League Division Series in 2007, but Trenton won in four.  But there was Clippard, starting Game 1 of the ELCS.

Two, George Kontos would be next in line to pitch in this series.  If Hacker’s starting Game 1, then Kontos wouldn’t pitch until Game 4 of the ELCS if it gets that far.  If there is a Game 4, and it is on September 12th as expected, it would be his first appearance in 12 days.

On Thursday, I asked Kontos about the possibility of a Thunder sweep, and he certainly seemed to be under the impression that he’d be pitching Game 1 of the ELCS.

“As of right now, if we get to a Game 4 (of the ELDS), then I’ll pitch,” he said.

“If not, I’m just assuming that I’ll pitch the opener against Bowie or Akron.  That’s just the way I’m looking at it.  I haven’t been told anything, but that’s just kind of what I’m thinking.  But if not, I’m sure I’ll pitch somewhere.”

But the news doesn’t end there.  Peter Abraham’s got the list of the 36 players the Yankees are inviting to the Instructional League.

It’s a list that includes current Thunder players Christian Garcia, Jhonny Nunez and Francisco Cervelli.

The Instructional League starts on September 17th, and the first game takes place on September 22nd.

You can follow Game 4 of the Akron-Bowie series here.  Akron has a 2-1 series lead, and is also using the services of none other than Travis Hafner to help them out.  Adam Miller and Jeremy Sowers didn’t help them much last year…might as well throw a big league All-Star in there this time around.

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