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Scranton Wins Governor’s Cup

September 12, 2008

Chad Jennings has all the details of Scranton destroying Durham and winning their first International League title as a Yankees affiliate.

There are quite a few Thunder alums on that team, so congratulations to those guys for earning a championship ring.

I’m sure a handful of guys on that team will see a big league call-up, and hopefully Chad himself will get a shot to go to Yankee Stadium, he’s certainly earned it.

He’s done an absolutely out of this world job covering the team this year and is a great guy as well.  I’m sure he’ll have some more about the Governor’s Cup win over the next few days as well.

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Game Postponed, Game 3 Saturday

September 12, 2008

I’ll take “Unplayable Field Conditions” for $100, Alex…

Michael Phelps was seen attempting to swim several feet to my right…

Nice waste of time.  I next to never rip the Thunder…but making people wait two hours probably wasn’t ideal.  The radar offered little hope.  Not sure if this was an Eastern League deal or a Thunder deal or what…but this should have happened way earlier than it did.

See you all tomorrow night at 6:05 for Game 3, where tonight may repeat itself.

They WILL play game 5 Monday night if need be.

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ELCS Game 3: Akron @ Trenton

September 12, 2008

ELDS Game 3 – Akron Aeros @ Trenton Thunder
September 12, 2008
Waterfront Park – Trenton, NJ

Pitching Matchup: AKR Ryan Edell vs. TRE George Kontos

Starting Lineups:


1 – Rodriguez
2 – Sardinha
3 – LaPorta
4 – Hodges
5 – Head
6 – Toregas
7 – Whitney
8 – Panther
9 – Pinckney


1 – Corona
2 – Pena
3 – Jackson
4 – Malec
5 – Curtis
6 – Pilittere
7 – Cervelli
8 – Gonzalez
9 – Russo

Pre-Game Notes: To keep track of Scranton’s series against Durham, I think you know where to go. Chad Jennings will have all the info.

Radio Links: Click here for the links to each team’s broadcast.

Live Box Score: The direct link is here.

Rain Delay Updates: 6:05 and we’re officially in a rain delay.  Seems unlikely they play tonight, if you ask me…

7:05 PM and they’re pulling the tarp.  I’m told they’re hoping to play within the hour…

It now sounds like the Indians and Yankees want five games, not three…so they’re apparently willing to play on Monday.  Who the hell knows what’s going on at this point?

7:15 PM and the tarp is back on.  Sweet.

7:20 PM and the tarp is off and being rolled up.  Also sweet, but not in a sarcastic way this time.

Aaaaaaaand now it’s pouring.  Don’t know what to tell you guys…

Final Score:

Post-Game Notes:

Thunder Thoughts: BDD Live returns with two amazing guests and an hour worth of talk about the nation’s pastime. With one team having punched its way into the postseason, more slots are up for grabs as the final three weeks of play are sure to be packed with intensity and excitement. Join host Eric SanInocencio as he covers that while also sitting down with one of the prized young arms in the New York Yankee organization.

Phil Hughes joins us in the opening segment, fresh off his start in the Governor’s cup for the Scranton-Wilkes Barre Yankees. Hughes began the 2008 season in the Yankees rotation, but a rib injury finds the talented hurler looking to work his way back up the Bronx. Hughes will comment on his rehab, a new offering he’s throwing and his times in the Big Apple.
BDD Live’s second segment brings in another special guest, as ESPN’s own Orestes Destrade will step in. Destrade serves in a variety of capacities for the worldwide leader, appearing on Baseball Tonight and co-hosting SportsNation, a radio program that airs at 3 p.m. ET weekdays on ESPN Radio. The Big “O” will share his thoughts on the hotly contested races remaining, and the records that may fall in the season’s final month.
With several other hot topics worth mentioning, BDD Live will open the phone lines in our final 15 minutes to let our listeners decide the conversation. To join in on the debate, dial 646-716-7728.
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Why Hello There, Important News

September 12, 2008

Several things to take note of here…

First off, this series has to be done by Sunday one way or another.  They’re apparently not allowed to play past Sunday…not sure if that’s mandated by Minor League Baseball or the Eastern League, but that’s the case either way.

Secondly, it sounds like playing a doubleheader if this game were to get rained out isn’t an option.

“Co-Champions” has got to be the lamest phrase in all of sports, but it’s very possible you could see it in this series.  Basically, they need to find a way to get this one in tonight.  I have a feeling we’re going to be here a while…

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Bad Omens Everywhere

September 12, 2008

The internet here in Trenton is horrible today — it either hasn’t been working at all or is operating at the riveting speeds of dial-up — and the tarp is on the field with a pretty decent rain coming down.

Bumped into a few players on my way into the ballpark today, and they all seemed pretty optimistic that we’d be playing baseball tonight.  And by we, I mean them.

I’ll keep y’all posted on the latest news…

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