Game Postponed, Game 3 Saturday

I’ll take “Unplayable Field Conditions” for $100, Alex…

Michael Phelps was seen attempting to swim several feet to my right…

Nice waste of time.  I next to never rip the Thunder…but making people wait two hours probably wasn’t ideal.  The radar offered little hope.  Not sure if this was an Eastern League deal or a Thunder deal or what…but this should have happened way earlier than it did.

See you all tomorrow night at 6:05 for Game 3, where tonight may repeat itself.

They WILL play game 5 Monday night if need be.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


2 Responses to “Game Postponed, Game 3 Saturday”

  1. River Ave. Blues | Hughes dominates as Yanks win championship Says:

    […] the Akron Aeros (Indians) is tied at 1. George Kontos gets the ball in Game 3 tomorrow, this game will be made up Monday if […]

  2. stephen cornell Says:

    They could have played. Babies. Council Rock-North played. Football, but they played.

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