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Scott Patterson, Probably Regretting That Waiver Claim…

September 18, 2008

If you thought Phil Coke’s pink backpack was bad…well, Scott Patterson is probably regretting getting DFA’d by the Yankees right about now.

He’d be the guy who looks like he’s about ten feet tall in the back of the picture, which has other Padres rookies in it.

In other news — not that I’ve ever been to a Hooters — but I now have no plans to ever, ever go to one.  Ever.

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2008 Game Worn Jerseys Now Available

September 18, 2008

The Trenton Thunder are having their annual sale/auction of their 2008 game worn jerseys.  Jerseys from top prospects and rehabbing big leaguers will be auctioned off, while other jerseys are available for direct purchase.

For more information and a complete list of which jerseys and players are available, go here.

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Exclusive Brian Cashman Interview: Part One

September 18, 2008

In an effort to drag this out as long as possible so that I make sure I get people coming back here for the next few days provide you with the best Thunder coverage around, I’ll be presenting my exclusive, one-on-one interview with New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman over the next week.

In the first part of our chat, I asked Cashman to talk about the job that Tony Franklin and his staff have done over the past two seasons…

Brian Cashman: “I was talking to (Tony) about it (Monday), and was congratulating him on everything he and his staff have accomplished.  Your job as a manager and a coaching staff in a minor league system is about executing a player development program.  And if you win on top of that, it’s like a bonus.  But they’re executing specific innings usages, and prospects have to hit in certain spots, and he has to manage the people inbetween and make sure he’s managing the program as well as the games within in the program, which is different.  It’s completely different.  But to keep everybody motivated and hungry and successful as he’s done there, it’s been tremendous.  We’re so proud of him and that he joined us, and more importantly, players have gotten better under him.  That’s the biggest compliment I can give him — is that players enjoy playing for him and they get better under him.  And that’s great.”

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