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Exclusive Brian Cashman Interview: Part Three

September 20, 2008

In the third part of my exclusive sit-down interview with New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman, I asked him about his expectations of Humberto Sanchez, who was called up to the big leagues the day after winning an Eastern League Championship in Trenton.

Brian Cashman: “It’s more of a chance to have (Sanchez and Cervelli) break in.  In Sanchez’s case, he’s had a year and half to almost two years of rehab and it’s been tough.  It was an opportunity where he’d finished off his rehab and we’re bringing him up here for two reasons.  One, we optioned him down to Trenton 10 or 15 days ago, so when you bring a guy back in under 20 days, it doesn’t count as an option used.  So that’s one reason.” 

“The other is, you know what, he’s been busting his butt to get here.  So let him finish the season up here.  He’s from here, he’s from the Bronx originally.  Just give him a chance to be up here and see what it’s like and let it carry him into the winter.  He suffered from chain-link fever, which is basically what I call the rehabbers down in Tampa, where they have to sit there in front of nobody in the glaring heat and get their work in every day.  You can get chain-link fever, and it’s not good.  So this is kind of a reward for hard work paying off.  He’s healthy again, which is great.  Hopefully Joe Girardi will see an opportunity where he can get to pitch a little bit, but if not that’s fine too.”

NOTE: Sanchez made his Major League debut on Thursday night, throwing a perfect inning and striking out one.

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