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Brian Cashman’s Thunder Thoughts

September 25, 2008

This report from David Fenster, WIMG’s sports director, who attended the Thunder’s press conference to announce the renewal of the PDC…

All of what you’ll see are quotes from Brian Cashman, ever the popular figure on this blog as of late.

I asked him if the Thunder’s commitment to renovations played a part in the length of the new PDC: “They were a discussion point and I’m glad that they were (the Thunder), obviously, willing to do this for us, but at no time were we interested in moving from this place, leaving this place. This is home and it feels like we’ve been here for a very, very, long time and I’m glad to say that you’ll be seeing us here for the next 6 years too.”

In response to a question regarding how he feels about Trenton and Scranton both winning championships this year: “The fans come out to support the team and it’s our job to come with quality talent to run through and develop. We have a player development program that we’re executing and that is first and foremost, and obviously, if you can win on top of it, it’s all the better…’s hard to sell a quality product if you don’t put a quality product on the field. The NY Club has had a lot of needs in the last few years and we’ve pulled from Scranton and when you do that, you pull from Trenton and we’ve been able to plug some holes together.”

I asked him if it was a bittersweet day since the big club would not be playing baseball in October for the first time in many years, yet he is here in Trenton, where we won back to back championships. I wanted to know if the fact that our players have contributed to the big club was resulting from a “new philosophy”, or increased talent with a tip of the hat to scouting.

“It’s a matter of both. You hope doubt that the players have gotten better under Tony Franklin and the fact that they’ve been promoted bodes well for our future when talent at this level has been tested and they’ve rung and answered the bell (by winning the championship). How this ownership group treats our players is second to none. Trenton is a wonderful place to play and a great environment for our managers, coaches and players. There is now a willingness in NY to give young players opportunity. The high end talent move themselves, and whether it’s players with stats, like Edwar Ramirez, who was released twice by the Angels and signed from Independent ball, or someone like Phil Coke, who was a high end guy at first, then lost his way and then stepped up to find his way here in Trenton. I mean, he spends maybe 70-85% of his time with Trenton, and now no one can touch him on a big league level. It’s a great story.”