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Looks Like I’ll Be In The Trenton Area Again…

October 1, 2008

What could be better than spending the entire year in the Trenton area?

OK, maybe I shouldn’t answer that…

But although the details on exactly what I’ll be doing are a little sketchy, it looks like I’ll be covering the ECHL’s Trenton Devils for the 2008-09 season.

People who know me well — and I think I’ve said this on this blog a few times as well — know that I consider myself to be more of a hockey guy than a baseball guy, so I’m very grateful for this opportunity to finally cover hockey on a full-time basis.

I’ve more or less taken a few weeks away from doing the Thunder blog on a day-to-day basis to focus on covering the Somerset Patriots during their championship run…apparently, all I do is cover championship teams these days.

But, with that said, I obviously do plan on getting some Thunder talk going in the next few days.  I’m going to announce my post-season award winners, churn out some original and exclusive features with never-before-seen quotes, and quotes from your favorite big league stars on what their favorite memories of Yankee Stadium are.

I also plan on bringing back the best photos I took from the course of the season, as well as taking a look at which players from this year’s team I think you’ll be seeing on the field at Waterfront Park in 2009.

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