POLL: Who’s Your 2008 Thunder MVP?

I know you guys have discussed this in one of the previous threads, but now WordPress has allowed me to use polls.  So I will.

Now that I actually have readers — since not too many people actually read my stuff in the Democrat, let’s be honest here — I will also recognize the fans choices for these awards alongside of my own selection.


2 Responses to “POLL: Who’s Your 2008 Thunder MVP?”

  1. Steve Says:

    Let’s see some love for Malec:
    1) Led the team in OPS
    2) Half the Ks of Jackson
    3) With 100 fewer at-bats, only 4 less homers.
    4) OBP over .400

  2. SP Says:

    Haha…on the Malec campaign. I love it

    Seriously, though, I agree. He’s a solid choice for MVP

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