POLL: Who’s Your 2008 Thunder Unsung Hero?

In thinking about it, I don’t think I should give out an Unsung Hero Award.  As a member of the media, I can more or less determine which players I write about and which players I don’t.  So while in reality, some guys may actually fit the definition of “unsung hero,” in my own mind, I may have written about him so much that it may not feel that way to me.

So this award is in your hands, and will be recognized down the road as a “Fans Choice Award” for as long as I end up covering this team.


11 Responses to “POLL: Who’s Your 2008 Thunder Unsung Hero?”

  1. Rafi Says:

    I know I haven’t been around much lately(stupid off-season), but I don’t think I need to tell you who my vote for this was do I? Just so you know, I was the ‘other’ vote

  2. tdevils Says:

    Ha. I guess generally speaking, if y’all (said the man born and raised in NJ) are going to select the other option for this one, it would be good to see who you picked in the comments.

  3. Rafi Says:

    Eric Wordekemper. In my mind, he’s the Chris Britton of the minor league org. Man, I keep forgetting that ‘tdevils’ is also you Mike

  4. mbn Says:

    Ed Gonzalez.

    Had a solid start in Tampa, and contributed mightily after his promotion. Extra base hits and RBIs were produced in bunches with him at the plate. Not the greatest contact hitter, and rarely draws walks, he does have some speed, and an at least average arm in the OF. Possibly a utility OF down the road, although basically Ed and Carson are in the same situation, and 1 will have to get a shot in a different organization.

  5. Erik Says:

    By definition, the unsung hero can’t be anyone in the poll! =) I’m very new to minor league baseball, and I only caught the last third or so of the season, so my pick was Colin Curtis.

  6. btl05 Says:

    Is there any doubt?

    Why the clubbie of course.

    Talk about unsung heroes……

  7. btl05 Says:

    Is there any doubt?

    Why the clubbie of course.

    Talk about unsung heroes……


  8. Anonymous Says:

    that’s true…im kind of surprised that Colin was totally shut out of the awards

  9. tdevils Says:

    Dude was on the cover of the media guide…he got quite a bit of coverage and attention throughout the season.

    And Tonto and crew are definitely some of the unsung heroes around the ballpark…gotta go with the grounds crew as well.

  10. Erik Says:

    I wasn’t aware of that. (I don’t live in the area, I’d suppose that’s a part of it.) Good to know!

  11. Don Says:

    Does the person who finishes last in this vote get teh unsung hero award??? think about it.

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