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Yankee Stadium Retrospective: Jake Peavy

November 4, 2008

You might remember that I promised a series in which I talked one-on-one with the game’s best players, asking them about their experiences at Yankee Stadium. 

I figured that with every player on the Thunder roster trying to get up there, it might be interesting to hear from recognizable players who had already played there.

I was going to hold off on it, but with all the interest Yankees fans now have around NL Cy Young Award winner Jake Peavy, I’d might as well debut it.

Jake Peavy on his fondest memories of Yankee Stadium: “Well, I don’t really have many fond memories, this is only the second time I’ve gotten a chance to come here in seven years.  Obviously, last night (a 6/18 loss in which he only lasted four innings) didn’t go that well.  But it’s just an honor to come and compete.  I heard Joe Girardi talking post-game about how we’re all privileged to be in the major leagues, and be among the few of us that are privileged enough to come here and compete on the grounds at Yankee Stadium with all the great things that have gone on before.  It was a privilege to get to pitch here.  My two trips in, I haven’t fared too well.  We lost two of three here in ’04 and at least have lost two of three here so far.  But just getting a chance to compete, it’s been an honor for me.”

Jake Peavy on comparing his first trip to Yankee Stadium to his most recent: “It’s fun.  The atmosphere, it’s always fun.  It’s always fun to come to a place with good atmosphere, and then when you combine that with a place that has the tradition and the history that this place does, it’s special.  And like I said, getting the chance to walk out there last night and compete against a great team and great players, it was something I’ll definitely cherish.”

Jake Peavy on his impressions of the new stadium: “I saw it just driving in, I didn’t see anything much more than that.  But I’ve seen some of the plans, and I’ve seen some of the virtual tours.  It looks pretty amazing.”

Jake Peavy’s impressions on Joba Chamberlain: “Just watching him a little bit on TV, obviously Joba’s got great stuff.  Once he figures out…just getting a routine and getting good and comfortable with what he’s trying to do, I’m sure he’s going to be one of the best.  He’s got a great arm.”

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Speaking of Balls…

November 4, 2008

The drawing for the 2008 Eastern League Championship team-signed baseball will be held tomorrow, and the winner will be notified.

We…uhhh, I got a ridiculous amount of entries for this, and I can’t say enough at how happy I am that people STILL care about this blog and the Thunder this long after the season has been over.

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