Talkin’ Sabathia With Randolph and Reggie

My good friend and colleague over on the Somerset Patriots beat, Ryan Dunleavy of the Home News Tribune and Courier News, was able to catch up with both Willie Randolph and Reggie Jackson at the Patriots holiday party last night.

You can read his story in the paper here, as well as check out these additional quotes on my blog:

Extra quotes from Willie:

“Macha and I are going to work very closely together. I know Macha from our playing days back with the Pittsburgh Pirates and we’ve stayed casually in touch over the years. He wanted me to be one of his guys, so I accepted.”

“The opportunity presented itself, and I think that being in the game, on the field, is better than being at home where I could’ve sat back and collected my money. That’s not what I’m all about.”

“I’m going to be like a second lieutenant. Macha and I are going to work together to get this team in the right direction. I don’t have to be the boss. I’m looking forward to helping him be best.”

Regarding Sabathia:

“I wasn’t holding out too much hope there. Anytime a club offers $40 millions more than what we offer – and that was like unprecented for the Brewers….”

“I think he’ll handle it well. I think he showed on the big stage last year what he can do. What he did down the stretch was something that I thought was what you want in a player.”

“I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t step up and do a good job for them.”

Quotes from Reggie:

““I love Willie like a brother.”

“I went with Brian (Cashman). Brian did a wonderful job. I was just talking to C.C. about what the city offers, and really what the team offers, the Steinbrenners.”

“They take the money that they earn and put it back into the team. They don’t make money with the team. They make money with the brand and, of course, the value of the team, but they put the money back into the team. I admire that. Certainly the money that the team paid him, that the Steinbrenners paid him, made a significant difference in helping change his mind to become a Yankee.”

“We need pitching. He’s going to make a significant change to that. I think it changes the attitude from the people on our staff, inside our ball club and organization. It’s a significant help there. I think our fan base and the people that support the team understand that they’re trying to do the right thing, so I certainly think that it’s worth its value.”

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2 Responses to “Talkin’ Sabathia With Randolph and Reggie”

  1. dcn29 Says:

    Sorry, I was catching up on some posts from the last few days and read what you said about Vechionacci. I’m a big fan of his, as you might remember (I used to go by “dan” but now have a wordpress account so dcn29 shows). Any chance you might have some video of him lying around? The Youtube clips are all pretty crappy quality, but you can get the general idea.

    I just see that swing and see him growing into a decent amount of power from the left side. And his right-hand swing is extremely short and quick.

  2. thunderbaseball Says:

    Vech wasn’t around long enough to me to get any video of him…if he’s here in 2009, and I’d imagine he would be, I’ll post plenty of video.

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